This Capcom Service Bulletin applies to:
Pinball Magic, Airborne, Breakshot, Flipper Football, & KingPin Pinball

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(Pinball Division is out of business)

RS232/coin meter PCB upgrade kit


Parts needed

RS232/coin meter PCB      Part #  A0019501

Serial data cable                Part #   C-00197

Power cable                       Part #   C-00196

Spacers (4)                         Part #  PL00108-04

Screws (4)                          Part #  SC00121-08

Schematics                           Part # A0019501

Instruction sheet                  Part#

“NOTE”                 GAME  MUST HAVE  (for Pinball Magic) SOFTWARE VERSION V1.03 OR LATER.

Tools needed

Soldering iron


Philips screwdriver

 ¼” nut driver

Wire/cable ties

Reason for kit

This kit is used to add a coin meter to the game.  We have had requests from some operators to include these features.

Estimated completion time

45 minutes.


1) Make sure that you have all of the parts that your supposed to have in the kit, and make sure that nothings broken.  If your looking at lots of small pieces right now chances are there is a problem because there isn’t supposed to be any.  If there are any missing or damaged parts please contact your local CAPCOM distributor.

2) Turn power off to the game and unplug it from the wall.

3) Open the coin door, and remove the playfield glass hold down bracket.

4) Carefully remove the glass and set it in a safe location.

5) Raise the playfield to it’s vertical position.

6) Locate the key to the backbox.  Insert the key into the lock at the top of the backbox and turn it fully clockwise.  Lift up on the backglass and swing it out towards the front of the game.  Carefully remove the backglass and set it aside in a safe place.

7) Open the lamp door by lifting the latch, and swing the door completely open.

8) Open the dot matrix display panel by pushing the two latches, located above the speaker enclosures, out towards the sides of the backbox.

9) Connect the serial data cable to connector J3 on the CPU PCB.

10) Route the cable through the bottom of the backbox into the bottom cabinet.  Run the cable along the inside left wall until it reaches the coin door. Make sure that the cable will not get pinched in the backbox. Use wire ties to secure the cable.

11) Close and latch the dot matrix panel and the backbox lamp door.  Replace the backglass.

12) Attach the PCB (with the screws and spacers provided) to the inside left wall.  Refer to figure 1 for the proper location.

13) Connect the serial data cable (the other end was just connected to the CPU) to connector J9 on the RS232 PCB.

14) Connect one side of the power cable to connector J5 on the diode PCB (see figure 1), and connect the other end of the cable to J8 on the RS232 PCB.

15) You are now ready to install your meters.