This Capcom Service Bulletin applies to:
Pinball Magic, Airborne, Breakshot, & KingPin Pinball

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K-010 Dot Matrix Display Upgrade Kit


Parts needed

Display                                               Part # DP00102

Dot matrix power supply PCB           Part # A0015500

Main power cable                              Part # C00224

Display power cable                           Part # C00182

Screws (4)                                           Part # SC00100-04

Instructions                                        Part # PM00138

Serial numbers affected

Any games with a “PB1” prefix on the serial number.

Tools needed

Philips screwdriver

Wire cutters

Wire/cable ties

Reason for kit

We have gone from a display with an on board power supply to one that has a separate power supply PC board.



1. Check to ensure that all parts are present, and intact.  If there are any missing or         

    damage parts please contact your local CAPCOM distributor.

2. Turn the power to the game off, and unplug it from the wall.

3. Locate the key to the backbox.  Insert the key into the lock at the top of the

    backbox and turn it fully clockwise.  Lift up on the backglass and swing it out

    towards the front of the game.  Carefully remove the backglass and set it aside in

    a safe place.

4. Open the lamp door by lifting the latch, and swing it completely open.

5. Open the dot matrix display panel by pushing the two latches, located above the

    speaker enclosures, out towards the sides of the backbox.

6. Disconnect the ribbon cable and power supply cable from the display.  This power

    supply cable should now be removed from the game and discarded.  It connects

    from the dot matrix display to ‘J6’ on the main power supply PCB.  At this point

    cable ties will need to be cut in order to remove the cable.  Do not re-clamp the

    wires at this point.

7. Remove the four (4) screws that secure the metal cover for the display, and set the

    cover (with the CPU PCB still attached) in the back box.

8. Remove the old dot matrix display and replace it with the new one.

9. Replace the metal cover, and screw it down.  Make sure that the speaker wires are

    not pinched under the cover when you replace it.

10. Place the display power board on the four standoffs to the left of the CPU.  Make

      sure that the PCB is oriented in such a way that connectors, ‘J1’ and ‘J2’, are

      on the side of the PC board that is closest to the backbox wall at this point (see

      FIGURE 1).  Secure the display power supply board to the standoffs with the 

      four (4) screws provided.

11. Attach the display power cable from connector ‘J2’ on the dot matrix power

      supply board to connector ‘J4’ on the dot matrix display.

12. Connect the small ribbon cable from the CPU PCB to connector ‘J5’ on the


13. Attach the main power cable to connector ‘J1’ on the display power board.

      Connect the opposite end to the power board at connector ‘J6’.

14. Verify that all connectors are in the correct location, and that they are all seated


15. You will now want to make sure that the cables you have used are routed in such

      a way that they will not get pinched when the dot matrix display panel is closed. 

      Use cable ties to secure the wires in place.

16. Close and latch the dot matrix display panel and the backbox lamp door. 

       Replace and lock the backglass in place.

17. SMOKE TEST!  Plug in the game and turn it on.  You should now have a fully

      functional display.  If the display is not working at this point, turn the game off

      and verify that all connectors are in the proper locations.  If the display is still

      not working contact your distributor for further help.