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K-011  KIT

Reason for kit

To update the interlock plate and switch bracket position on prototype PINBALL MAGIC™ games. This is needed in order to be able to use kits k-008-2 and k-008-5.

Parts list

Template, switch bkt drill holes        Part# PM00143

Coin door switch actuator                  Part# MT00329

Instruction sheet                                Part# PM00144

Serial numbers affected

Serial numbers PB100001 to PB100040 will require this kit to be used in conjunction with kits, K-008-2 and K-008-5.

Tools needed

1/4” nut driver

11/32” nut driver

Center punch


1. Inventory kit part against the list above.  Please contact your local CAPCOM

    distributor regarding any missing or damaged parts.

2. Turn the power to the game off, and unplug it from the wall.

3. Remove the interlock bracket from the inside of the cabinet.

4. Align the template, part # PM00143, to the inside left of the cabinet coin door  

    opening.  The bottom of the template should be in line with the bottom of the

    coin door opening.

5. With your center punch, mark the cabinet in the two designated areas.

6. Install the switch bracket, part # MT00321-2, which is provided in kits

    K-008-2 and K-008-5. 

7. With your 11/32” nut driver, remove the interlock plate from the coin  


8. Install the new switch bracket, part # MT00329.

9. Proceed with the installation instructions of kit K-008-2 (disregard steps 17-20) or 

    K-008-5 (disregard steps 19-21).