This Capcom Service Bulletin applies to:
Pinball Magic, Airborne, Breakshot, Flipper Football, & KingPin Pinball

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K-008-2      RS232/coin meter/printer, PCB upgrade kit

Reason for kit

This kit is used for adding a coin meter, and a printer port to any CAPCOM Pinball games.

Parts list

RS232/coin meter/ptr PCB    Part # A0019501

Serial data cable                    Part # C-00197

Printer interface cable           Part # C-00195

Power cable                            Part # C-00196

Spacers (4)                             Part # PL00108-04

Screws (4)                               Part # SC00121-08

Switch bracket                        Part # MT00321-2

Schematics                             Part # A0019501

Instruction sheet                    Part # PM00137  rev 3


Serial numbers affected

All pinball games.  PINBALL MAGIC(tm) serial numbers PB100001 through PB100040 will require kit # K-011, which includes: 1 Door switch actuator #MT00329, AND 1 Switch bracket hole template #PM00143.


Tools needed                                                 

Soldering iron and solder                  

Philips screwdriver                

1/4” nut driver

Cable ties                                                                                          


1. Inventory physical parts against the parts list above.  Please contact your local

    CAPCOM Distributor regarding any missing or damaged parts.

2. Turn power off to the game and unplug it from the wall.

3. Open the coin door, and remove the playfield glass hold down bracket.

4. Carefully remove the playfield glass and set it in a safe location.

5. Locate the key to the backbox.  Insert the key into the lock at the top of the

    backbox and turn it fully clockwise.  Lift up on the backglass and swing it out

    towards the front of the game.  Carefully remove the backglass and set it aside in

    a safe place.

6. Open the lamp insert panel by lifting the latch, and swing it open.

7. Raise the playfield to it’s vertical position.

8. Open the dot matrix display panel by pushing the two latches, located above the

    speaker enclosures, out towards the sides of the backbox.  Now lower the display    


9. Connect the serial data cable to connector J3 on the CPU PCB.

10. Route the cable around the CPU board dressing the cable to the existing cable

      with 2 cable ties at the corners of the CPU PCB.

11. Route the cable through the bottom of the backbox and into the bottom cabinet. 

      Run the cable along the inside left wall until it reaches the coin door. Make sure

      that the cable can not be pinched in the backbox, and that there is enough slack

      to lower the backbox without ripping the cable off of the CPU.  Use wire ties to

      secure the cable every 6”.

12. Close and latch the dot matrix display panel and the backbox lamp insert panel. 

       Replace the backglass and lock it in place.

13. Attach the RS232 PCB (with the screws and spacers provided) to the inside left     

      wall.  Refer to figure 1 for the proper location.

14. Connect the serial data cable (the other end was just connected to the CPU in STEP 9) to connector J9 on the RS232 PCB.

15. If there is a connector already connected to J5 on the diode PCB (see figure 1)

      proceed to step 17.

16. Connect one side of  the power cable to connector J5 on the diode PCB (see

       figure 1), and connect the other end of the cable to J8 on the RS232/coin

       meter/printer PCB.

17. Remove the coin door switch and the 50v interlock switch from the bracket on

      the inside of the cabinet.  These are located on the bottom left hand side of the

      coin door opening.

18. Remove and discard the metal switch bracket.

19. Attach the new switch bracket to the cabinet in place of the one that you just


20. Place the interlock switch and the coin door interlock switch into the bracket,  

      and connect the switches back up.

21. Remove the two hex mounting screws on the switch bracket.  Use these screws to

      attach the printer interface cable to the switch bracket.

22. Now connect the cable to connector J1 on the RS232 PCB.

23. There is a 12 pin male Molex connector that is part of the main wiring harness

       connected to J5 of the diode PCB.  Disconnect and reconnect to J8 of the

       RS232 PCB.

24. To install a coin meter, attach the meter to the RS232 PCB at connector J7.   

25. You are now printer and meter ready.  Refer to the REPORTS section of your           

       game manual for information on printer setup.



Attach a ‘Serial Printer Cable’ from your printer to the printer connection the front door.


Attach a ‘NULL MODEM CABLE’ from your lap top to the printer connection at the front door.

K-008-2/PM00137 rev 3