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Capcom Parts on the open market:
(Capcom is no longer selling parts)
The Offical Capcom Parts supplier is
Gene Cunningham at:
Illinois Pinball
10 Georgianna Lane
Bloomington, IL 61701
or 1-309-828-6993 (Capcom parts, ask for Kim)
Kim@IllinoisPinBall.Com (Email Capcom parts)
The Un-Offical Sources are
The Coin-Op Cauldron
Easley, SC 864-238-1707
(Search for your part or game)
Dave at For Amusement Only PinBallExpress (Contacts)
The Pinball Shop Happ Controls (pinball)
Mantis Amusements, Winfield, IL. Competive Products Corp. - (plastics/Decals) - (Instruction) Cards
Bay Area Amusements, LLC - Capcom Multiproducts (motors)
Pinball Spare Parts Australia Great Lakes Modular
Tony Clark
The Un-Offical Dead Sources are, (pin monkey) (dead) Wico Parts (Dead) (Catalog (dead))

For Electronic parts:
Jameco Allied Electronics Inc. Digi-key
Radio Shack
Mouser Electronics NTE Electonics Inc.
Newark Electronics MCM electronics
Great Plains Electronics or Ed Krzycki *

Capcom Pinball ROM Page
Game Normal
Copyright Fans
Pinball Magic
V1.12 (3.1 MBy)

Fast Downloads:
  • Internet Pinball Database
    Slow Email:
  • From Pfutz
  • V1.12 R (3.2 MBy)

    Fast Downloads:
  • Internet Pinball Database
    Slow Email:
  • From Pfutz
  • (c) 1995 1995: a visit to CAPCOM Coin-op, Inc.
    Rulesheet by Ad Jonker (General)
    Flipper (Italy)
    Instruction Card by Capcom or Pinball Magic
    Google: pinball magic pinball
    V1.6 (3.1 MBy)

    Fast Downloads:
  • Internet Pinball Database
    Slow Email:
  • From Pfutz
  • V1.6 R (3.2 MBy)

    Fast Downloads:
  • Internet Pinball Database
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  • From Pfutz
  • (c) 1995 Flipper (Italy)
    Pinball Capcom or Airborne
    Google: airborne pinball
    V1.3 (1.1 MBy)

    Fast Downloads:
  • Internet Pinball Database
    Slow Email:
  • From Pfutz
  • V1.2 R (1.2 MBy)

    Fast Downloads:
  • Internet Pinball Database
    Slow Email:
  • From Pfutz
  • (c) 1996 BREAKSHOT not-so-quick take
    Flipper (Italy)
    Pinball Capcom or Breakshot
    Google: breakshot pinball
    Flipper football
    V1.4 (3.4 MBy)

    Fast Downloads:
  • Internet Pinball Database
    Slow Email:
  • From Pfutz
  • (not available) (c) 1995-96 Capcom or Flipper football
    Google: flipper football pinball
    Big Bang Bar
    B1.9 (3.5 MBy)

    Fast Downloads:
  • Internet Pinball Database
    Slow Email:
  • From Pfutz
    Motor Control PCB - TIBPAL16L8 program

  • Motor Control PCB for the ALIEN mechanic
    Slow Email:
  • From Pfutz
  • (not available) (c) 1996 Scott R. Tiesma and Jim Sweet
    Pumpkin Art
    MySpace Big Bang Bar Pinball Capcom or Big Bang Bar
    Google: big bang bar pinball

    B1.5 (3.4 MBy)

    Fast Downloads:
  • Internet Pinball Database
    Slow Email:
  • From Pfutz
  • (not available) (c) 1996-97 manual via Krellan
    Instruction Card via Capcom or Kingpin
    Google: kingpin pinball
    Game MBy = Million Bytes MBy = Million Bytes Copyright Fans
    Copyrights are RomStar, Gamestar, & Capcom Coin-Op Inc.
    The availability of these files does not in any way release Capcom Coin-Op's ownership of copyrighted material and Capcom Coin-Op Inc. understands that a copyright file will be included. In addition, Capcom Coin-Op can not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of the contents of these files.
    These images of EPROM's are not for resale and are available as is.
    There is no implied warranty.
    Old Capcom Pinball Zip Passwords
    There were 2 old Capcom pinball zip passwords. The first one "PinbalLGamERomS" (do not use the quotes) was for regular software. For redemption pinballs use "RedemptioNPinbalLGamERomS" as the password. Redemption zip files usually had the letter "R" as the last letter of the file name. (i.e. ABV1_5R.ZIP)

    For a Fee, there are places that supply & program EPROM's.
    I do not endorse these locations.
    But here is one
    Action Pinball & Amusement

    Capcom Novelty ROM Page
    Game Type Version Copyright Fans
    Goofy Hoops Shoot Ball & Catch
    V1.1 (regular) 2.9MBy

    Slow Email:
  • From Pfutz

    (8 Connected)

    (Slot Machine)
  • (c) 1994
    Time Race Keep ball in play ? (c) 1994? ?
    Eureka Coin toss ? (c) ? ?
    Pit and Pendulum Coin Roll ? (c)1997 ? ?
    Game Type MBy = Million Bytes Copyright Fans

    Instructions for EPROMS
    Dear recipient,

      These files are available "as is". Although these files are the property of Capcom Coin-op it is up to you, the recipient, to first determine if pinball and/or pinball redemption is legal in your area. Assuming that operating or owning these ROM's is legal in your area. It is highly recommended that you backup your existing ROM's (i.e. read them and write a file of its contents) BEFORE attempting to try these new ROM's.

    The filename structure:
      The first 3 letters of the file name is the socket number. If the 3rd letter is a `H' or `L' , its socket is on the CPU board. U28 and above are on the Sound Board. Please do not mix incompatible version EPROMs (i.e. only update the CPU board and a not update the sound board) This is a complete Set of EPROMs. Most of the time, a new version only changes SOME of the EPROMs. Any decent PROM programmer can test (sometimes referred to as verify) if a EPROM is the same as a file. IF it is the same, you do not have to re-program it. I recommend using a PROM programmer to see what EPROMs are different and which need to be re-programmed.

    Programming file format:
      Each file contains a complete binary image of each EPROM. An EPROM programmer should be able to handle this kind of "universal" file. I recommend that FIRST you read each of the old EPROMs and save them as a file for backup purposes. I have no real method to verify that these ROM files are the correct files, please backup your original FIRST! You can then erase the existing EPROM's and re-program them OR program new similar EPROMs and save the old EPROMs as backup. Below is a list of the EPROM's checksum and the bit size of the EPROM.
      For 32 bit checksums, use all 8 digits.
      For 16 bit checksums, use the last 4 digits.
      For 8 bit checksums, use the last 2 digits.

    Getting replacement EPROM's
      Let me first remind you that these are EPROM's. They can be erased and reused! However if you want to buy replacements you can always lift the label on the EPROM and copy its number. It would be something like "MBM27c080-12". Where "MBM" is the manufacturer, "27c080" is the size, power consumption, and pin layout. And the "-12" is the speed of the chip. Please match the speed of the chip (or be faster, usually a lower -number) Note: this is only an example, see the EPROM's in YOUR board for exact details! As for programming these EPROM's, I do not do it. Ask an friend who is an Engineer or programmer, ask an arcade owner, or ask in the newsgroup (there are people in here that program EPROM's, be sure to use the key word: EPROM).

    Generic EPROM numbers (Always get your correct number from the EPROM in your game!)
    • 27C080 / 27C801 (8Mbit chips)
    • 27C040 / 27C4001 (4Mbit chips)

    EPROM (or chip) Search Engines
    UV EPROM Manufacturers (with their prefix)
    Some inexpensive EPROM programmers & EPROM erasers Other places for electronic components

    People Who have Capcom Pinball/Novelty Information
    Marvin's Capcom Pinball Problems/Solutions
    Bumper Action Amusements
    Internet Pinball Database

    Free Service Advice
    Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum, Capcom Pinball Problems/Solutions.
    Capcom Pinball Problems/Solutions. By
    Old Service Bulletins, Manuals, & More Service Advice Word V6.0 Documents, HTML, PDF's
    StarTech Journal - (Discussion Board) => pinball => (whatever you want)

    Free replacement Lamp Advice
    Please Note that Capcom Pinball's have an incandescent light bulb warming feature. While it is recommended to always use the recommended incandescent light bulbs for flashers, controled lamps, and G.I lamps. The lamp warming feature does not work well with LED's, since they react ALOT faster than incandescent lamps, thus they can show multiplexing flicker and the lamp warming pulses. You would need special LED lamps with circuits that hide all these features.
    Danger: Here is supposed to be an example of an LED that hides incandescent warming circuits and flicker.
    Capcom incandescent lamps are "#555 6.3V Wedge T 3/14 inch" Pinball Life: Ablaze Ghost Busters #555 Wedge Based Lamp
    Capcom incandescent Flashers are "#906 13V Wedge T-5" (did not find any)
    There are other LED's that hide incandescent warming circuits and/or flicker for other manufacturers too.
    Anti-flicker: Pinballcenter: Noflix® example
    Anti-flicker: Pinballcenter: Noflix® Categories
    Anti-Flicker/warming: Pinball Life: Ablaze Ghost Busters #44/#47 Bayonet Based Lamp

    Both companies also supply just regular LED's that plug into all kinds of sockets, if you do not mind the warming / flicker. (they also supply incandescent lamps too, along with lots of other standard light bulb manufacturers/stores)
    Discussion: Capcom pinball led lamp support project
    Not-Recommended example that flickers: CoinTaker LED Flash Lamps
    Danger: see example flickering: Flicker side effect from lamp warming software
    See Comparision of LED's on Data East's "Lethal Weapon" Pinball LED Battle / Comparision

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