Pfutz's Site 100 Page with Lonnie McDonald

Lonnie and his family & friends visited WMS in Chicago to beat (overflow the score) the game of Joust for the 100th TIME!
The event was called "Site 100" (05/23/2013).
He has created a Web page: to document his progress!
In addition, there is actually a fan's: Lonnie McDonald Tracker that locates all his 100 locations of Joust that he has beaten (via a map)!
The Dinner before the event was at Harry Caray's.
It was hard to find all the original people who had made Joust.
But John Newcomer, Anghelo Python, and I (Pfutz) were able to make it and swap old stories about the creation of Joust!
Lonnie has more pictures, but below are some pictures of the dinner for everyone to enjoy.

"Site 100" Dinner (From Lonnie) (
John Newcomer(Game designer), Walter Aldro Day Jr. (Referee for Site 100), Lonnie McDonald (Joust Master), Anghelo Python (Artist), Pfutz (Programmer).

"Site 100" Dinner (From Lonnie) (
Pfutz (Programmer), Lonnie McDonald (Joust Master), Anghelo Python (Artist).
"Site 100" Dinner (Pfutz's Pictures)

"Site 100" Dinner
Pfutz (Programmer), Anghelo Python (Artist & Story Teller), Robin McDonald (Lonnie's Wife and Joust Widow)

"Site 100" Dinner
John Newcomer(Game designer)

"Site 100" Dinner
Pfutz (Programmer), Steve Sanders (another Joust Champion), Anghelo Python (Artist and Joust Poster Creator), Lonnie McDonald (Joust Champion)

"Site 100" Dinner
John Newcomer(Game designer) with video game trading card. (Note: there are now "Site 100" trading cards).

"Site 100" Dinner
Lonnie McDonald (Joust Champion), Steve Sanders (another Joust Champion), 1/2 of Isaiah Sanders (next generation Joust Champion)

"Site 100" Dinner
Holy Cow! (Harry Caray's favorite phrase)

"Site 100" Dinner
Holy Cow! it's Anghelo Python (Artist, and cow Mooing Champion)