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Pixy Prize
Production 02/2001 to 04/2002

Quotes from: PlayMeter Magazine (What's New)

Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE) has released Pixy Prize, a two-player, self-loading merchandiser that holds up to 250 three-inch capsules. An extra capacity hopper is available that holds up to an additional 350 capsules. The purple and gold cabinet is small enough that it only utilizes a one-player footprint.

Players attempt to win prizes by pushing a large yellow button at just the right time so that a prize drops to a door. The patent-pending reloading system keeps prizes coming for players, creating further interest and continual play.

(12/15/2003 Note: This game is no longer available) For more information, contact ICE, (716)759-0370; fax (716)759-0390; Web site ( ).

(12/15/2003 Note: This game is no longer available)
Direct From ICE: Pixy Prize
  • --- Pixy Prize is our great new, self loading, Prize Redemption game and it's already shown itself to be a real winner for operators.
  • --- Designed by Python Angelo and Bryan Hansen's Pixy Games Inc, Pixy Prize uses a simple concept of two revolving wheels full of prizes, one each side for each player, and two little Pixy guys that swing around to the button command on a different plane to the prize wheel -- if the player gets it right, the turning Pixy's hand will hit the tip lever on the prize wheel bucket, and win a prize -- (it's not just a matter of hitting the tip lever, that's easy -- you have to hit it in the right spot or you'll just rock thr cradle) and if the player gets it wrong, it looks that easy to do that there's little doubt he'll have another go.... and another.....and .....
  • --- The machine is suitable for any type of location and it's completely self loading -- the machine as pictured can hold around 700 prizes in capsules and as a prize is won, it's automatically replaced so the game always operates fully loaded -- the production model now shows the reload and this little feature has the punters watching just like they watch the workings of a Jukebox.
  • --- Prize games are working well in just about every market, and Pixi Prize is a very good prize game -- make sure you don't miss it. (Comes in two colors, black marble and purple)