Doctor Who Pinball Magic Motion
The Magic Motion Artwork only fit on the Bally Cabinet.
When Williams decided to change the Backback box, it was deleted.
But, 12 did exist and they looked like:

The Magic Motion Artwork
It is a 2 frame animation that changes from 1 frame when viewed
on the right side to a 2nd frame when viewed on the left side.
Doctor Outside TARDIS
TARDIS door is open
Daleks Taking Aim
Doctor inside TARDIS
TARDIS door is closed
TARDIS is cooking in Dalek death rays

The Magic Motion was added to the Bally cabinet at the last minute
and it was unknown exactly when (and if and for how long) they would arrive.
So, a back-up correct sized plastic artwork was made.
As it turns out, this was not needed, and it became a free handouts.

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