Doctor Who Pinball Letter from Anthony Ainley
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Post Marked: March 9th, 1992
Anthony's Envelope
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Anthony's Letter
Dear Roger Sharpe,
  • --- I wish to confirm in writing the apologies that I phone to you last week concerning the pinball project. The principle criticism I had was that it was not until Feb 29th that I received the script. And that only then that I knew that I had 2 1/2 pages of dialogue to speak. This large contribution seems to me to be worth rather more that the L**** which the agents over here were trying to contract me to: Especially as I was told there were to be no royalties whatsoever - and this I was only told on Feb 28th. I mention dates because of this proximity to the arraigned recording date i.e. March 2nd. It seems to me, and did all along, that I should have been given all the facts from the outset. That "should, go without saying"!
  • --- Indeed when I asked for the name and address of the agents in California, from those silent agents English agents. I was not given them. It was my plan to write them my apologies with a true explanation. "Keep the actors in the dark" would be seem to be the moto of English go-betweens.
  • --- There really is no business like show business.
  • --- I just hope that the alleged "sound alike" whom they intend to replace me with, really does sound alike, and to your satisfaction.
  • --- I have made it a point of contacting you because I hate letting Americans down. They have been so good to me over many years. And to my country.
    Kindest regards
    The Master in "Doctor Who"