Pfutz's WRU

For all you non-old timers, in ASCII, WRU stands for "Who are you". Back in the "good old days" of Teletypes and 110 Baud (before 56,000 Baud and 1,500,000 ADSL Baud), you could ask the caller "who are you" by a single control character of 0x05 (in hex) (Control-E). The ASCII code called this control character ENQ for enquire. The teletype would activate an answer back drum with about 8 characters on it. More modern terminals could buffer a entire line. Well, times have changed.... So I have written a little Java program to show you what I can find out about you. My tools are the free documentation and the free Netscape Browser. Believe me, there are bigger and better tools available. I hear that certain programs can even greet you by name.
But enough of my jabbering, Let's find out about you!

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