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Well boys and girls, with the conclusion of the busy month of May, it is time once again to post the all encompassing, massive, and quite wonderful (unbiased opinion) FAQ.

A few changes should be noted - with the airing of the new movie (in the UK and North America), various parts of the FAQ have been rewritten, particularly in Part 1. This is mainly to get the timing correct, and changes in tense.

Also, since it is of importance, I have added as Part 7, the information for contacting people about getting Doctor Who back on the air. I will be loading this stuff up at the ftp site or later today.


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Siobahn (Shabang) Morgan

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Subject: FAQ Part 1 of 7 - General information
From: (Siobahn Morgan)
Date: 1 Jun 96 10:26:17 -0500


- The rec.arts.drwho Frequently Asked Questions List -

Updated: Jun 1996

FAQ maintained and updated by: Siobahn (Shabang) Morgan
Please send all suggestions, corrections, contributions,
and flames to her. Huge thanks to Shannon Patrick Sullivan for updating/proofreading this huge thing.


Where to get Who material
0.1 List of Doctor Who FTP site
0.2 Pictures from Doctor Who (GIFs,Jpgs, etc.)
0.3 The Video and Audio Lists
0.4 WWW Sites
0.5 Author's e-mail addresses
0.6 Mailing List information
0.7 Doctor Who Newsgroups
0.8 IRC discussions

What is "Doctor Who"?
1.1 What is the series "Doctor Who"?
1.2 Why is the series called "Doctor Who" if that's not his name?
1.3 Just who is The Doctor?
1.4 What is regeneration?
1.5 What is the TARDIS?
1.6 Best and favorite "Who" episodes - survey results
1.7 What are the Doctor Who movies starring Peter Cushing?
1.8 What is this "K9 and Company" show we keep seeing?
1.9 What was the "Dimensions in Time" 30th Anniversary Special?

The present and future of "Doctor Who"
2.1 Is "Doctor Who" still on the air?
2.2 What were the last words ever spoken on "Doctor Who"?
2.3 What were the circumstances of the cancellation?
2.4 Will there ever be more "Doctor Who"?
2.5 What about "Doctor Who" on the radio?
2.6 What are the "New Adventures"?
2.7 And what are the "Missing Adventures"?

The Lost "Doctor Who" Episodes
3.1 What are the "missing" or "lost episodes"?
3.2 I know something about missing episodes. What do I do?
3.3 What are the "missing novelizations"?
3.4 What are the "missing episodes" that I see as novelizations?
3.5 What is "Shada"?

"Doctor Who" Fandom
4.1 How can I write to the actors who have played "Doctor Who"?
4.2 I write "Doctor Who" fiction in my spare time. Who can I show it to?
4.3 What is "Storm God Rising" and "Net_Decalog"?
4.4 How can I get a "New Adventure"/"Missing Adventure" published?
4.5 What "Doctor Who" reference books can I consult off the Net?
4.6 I can't find any videotapes or New Adventures anywhere. Help me!
4.7 Where can I find "Doctor Who" merchandise?
4.8 What about "Doctor Who" Role Playing Games?
4.9 Hey I just moved to town - is there a fan club nearby?
4.10 What is "Whonited for Charity"?
4.11 Are there any Doctor Who trading cards available?

Random Items concerning "Doctor Who"
5.1 Which big celebrities/famous people have appeared in "Doctor Who"?
5.2 Who is this fellow in the "Stranger Videos"? What are they about?
5.3 What are these "Mythmaker" series videos I keep seeing?
5.4 Who is this female Doctor that I keep hearing about?
5.5 What about all of those faces that are seen in the "Brain of Morbius"?
5.6 Which companion has posed nude in an adult magazine?
5.7 What are the real names of stories?
5.8 Is Susan REALLY the Doctor's granddaughter?


FAQ Item 0.1 - Doctor Who Archives

The Doctor Who FTP Archives are located at: [] in /pub/Doctor_Who/

Contains original fan stories, listings of all available Dr. Who Audio and Video tapes (updated monthly), a copy of this FAQ, an episode guide, the official Bloopers list, and some other cool stuff. Anonymous guest login available. Write the Keeper if you're not familiar with mucking about in FTP sites. The Keeper is:

Richard P. Kernin
Niagara University - Administrative Computer Center

This is also the new location for the comprehensive "Doctor Who" Quote File.

In the UK the following site is NO LONGER available: [] - This site has had the Doctor
Who archive removed.

Downunder in Australia there is the following site: [], with material located in archives/aus-sf/drwho.

Some small locations (with perhaps only 1 or 2 items) include the following: [] in pub/text [] in pub/multimedia/images/gif/d

FAQ Item 0.2 - Doctor Who Gifs

Apart from the stuff available at Frontios (Main FTP site), there are some
more Doctor Who Pictures available in .gif format from: []
(Login: anonymous in directory: /image/gif/scifi ) []
(Login: anonymous in directory: /pub/pics/tv+film/D/DoctorWho ) []
(Login: anonymous in directory: /pub/pictures/ )

There are also many more images available at WWW sites (see section
0.4 below)

FAQ Item 0.3 - The Video and Audio Lists

See the Doctor Who Video List - available via ftp from []
in /pub/Doctor_Who/matrix/videos , or via e-mail from the author,
Daniel O'Malley
A version of this list is also posted as Part 4 of the FAQ.

A list of "Who"-related music releases, once a part of this
FAQ, has been passed into the hands of Daniel O'Malley, who updates it
as well as the video lists, and is available at [] under /pub/Doctor_Who/matrix/audio.

FAQ Item 0.4 - Doctor Who WWW Sites

There is my own WWW Doctor Who Page, the address of which is
All of the following have links located at my site

Other Prime information WWW sites include the following:
University of York Multimedia Society
Gavin Greig's site of sites (U.K.)
Dan O'Malley's page, with oodles of stuff (Ireland)
Mirror of my own site (Australia)
Loren Peace's site (U.S.A.)
Nigel Ellis's compilation of the Doctor Who In Detail Programme Guide (U.K.)
Bevis King's and Duncan White's site (U.K.)
Chuck Foster's site (U.K.)
Doctor Who Appreciation Society (U.K.)
Stephen Jenkins Home Page, (The Velvet Web) with reviews (U.K.)
Doctor Who Dynamic Ranking Web Page (U.K.)
Science Fiction Continuum, retailer of Doctor Who and The Stranger videos
The Who Shop, vendor of Doctor Who merchandise
Richard Atkinson's information about the "New Adventures", as well as
some very neat artwork (U.K.)
Don Smith's Quote Archive
Steve Traylen's link, with Special K information)
Shaun Lyon's "Outpost Gallifrey" Site
Doctor Who Role Playing Game Site, includes mailing list information
- see section 0.6 if you can't wait

If you would like your own home page included, or if you have run across a really neat homepage that you can suggest, please drop me a line (

FAQ Item 0.5 - Doctor Who Author E-mail addresses

Several authors of recent (and not so recent) Doctor Who books and stories who have computer accounts. These folks occasionally post items on rec.arts.drwho and have consented to have their e-mail address included in this FAQ. (NA=New Adventure - see section 2.7 below, MA=Missing Adventure
see section 2.8)

Ben Aaronovitch (story writer, NA author)
Douglas Adams (script editor, scriptwriter)
Daniel Blythe (NA author)
Paul Cornell (NA author)
Craig Hinton (NA, MA author)
David J. Howe (Doctor Who historian)
Andy Lane (NA author)
Paul Leonard (NA, MA author)
Randy and Jean-Marc Lofficier (Doctor Who historians)
Jim Mortimore (NA author)
Kate Orman (NA author)
Lance Parkin (NA author)
Gary Russell (NA author)
Mark Stammers (Doctor Who historian)
Martin Day (MA and other books author)
Doctor Who Magazine (Published by Marvel Comics)

FAQ Item 0.6 - Doctor Who Mailing lists

Doctor Who discussion list---- manager is Chuck Foster (

Subscription Address:
Subsciption info: subscribe drwho-l FirstName SurName

List Address:
List queries:
General listproc enquiries:

Gaming Mailing List - list manager is Ian MacDonald

Subscription Address:
Subscription info: subscribe who-rpg-l FirstName SurName

List Address:
Contact Address:
A Doctor Who/Star Trek Mailing list - managed by Clyde Meli (

Subscription Address:
Subscription Details: subscribe trekwho-l
Information: List for both Doctor Who and Star Trek

FAQ Item 0.7 - What Doctor Who newsgroups are there?

There are currently three Doctor Who USENET newsgroups. The primary one is rec.arts.drwho, where all general discussion and such takes place. Another newsgroup is alt.drwho.creative, which is exclusively for the posting of Doctor Who fan fiction.

Most recently, the information group,, was created. This group deals with information about the show, as well as the people in it, conventions, news items, etc. Since it is a moderated group, posts will not appear immediately, but are checked for relevancy before being posted.

There is also a alt.binaries.drwho group, though it is not available
on all systems.

FAQ Item 0.8 - What about Doctor Who IRC groups?

Check the postings in the newgroup (rec.arts.drwho) for IRC information - there are some fairly frequent discussions. Generally people tend to meet at 4 PM EST daily at #doctorwho, as well as Fridays at 10 PM EST, but anytime at all is also fine. Another irc group is #drwho, which meet on DALnet (10 pm EST). Go to which ever trips your trigger.

There is also a mini FAQ for the #drwho IRC group at the WWW site

What is "Doctor Who"?

FAQ Item 1.1 - Who, and what, is Doctor Who

Doctor Who is, or was, the longest-running science-fiction series in the history of television. Created by the BBC in 1963 as a children's sci-fi series, Doctor Who eventually expanded its boundaries to just about every possible genre of television except for the musical. Spanning 26 seasons, the original BBC series had seven different actors taking on the lead role. Doctor Who was famous for its infinite flexibility and wide, dedicated, fan following. The show celebrated its 30th anniversary on November the 23rd, 1993.

The 158th and final BBC produced Doctor Who story, "Survival", aired in December of 1989. No further episodes have been produced by the BBC over the past six years, even though the show was never officially cancelled. In spite of this, Doctor Who lives on today, on the radio and in a popular series of full-length novels.

Recently, a television movie, made by Universal and the BBC continued the story line. It was hoped that this would lead to another series of shows, but the fate of Doctor Who is still undecided at this time.

FAQ item 1.2 - Why is the series called Doctor Who if that's not his name?

In "An Unearthly Child", the very first Doctor Who episode, aired on November 23, 1963, William Hartnell, the show's main character, was introduced simply as "The Doctor", a cranky old man with a time machine shaped like a British Police Box. Because his character was shrouded in mystery, the title Doctor Who merely referred to the fact that we were never to know exactly who this man is.

At various times in the show, different names were referred to:

"The Doctor" - the name he introduces himself as in every single story, and
the (proper) name many people call him by.

"Doctor Foreman" - Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright refer to him as this
initially when they are investigating their unusual
student Susan Foreman, the Doctor's granddaughter.

"Doctor Who" - WOTAN in "The War Machines" referred to the Doctor by this
name; it was acknowledged as an error by the writing staff.

"Dr. John Smith" - alias used while working for U.N.I.T. during his exile
on Earth.

"Theta Sigma" - Used twice, in "The Armageddon Factor" and "The Happiness
Patrol"; apparently, a Time Lord nickname given to the Dr.
during his time at the Academy on Gallifrey.

"Merlin" - It's revealed in "Battlefield" that, in a future (?) incarnation,
the Doctor will become Merlin, adviser to King Arthur. The time
reference is uncertain since it involves parallel universes.

Apart from what he was called, the series did present us, over the proceeding
26 years, with much more information.

FAQ Item 1.3 - Just who is the Doctor?

The Doctor is a Time Lord, one of the elite of the planet Gallifrey. The Time Lords are an immensely old and powerful society who have the ability to travel through time in their TARDISes, but whose policy is not to interfere with the rest of the universe. Instead, they simply observe and act only when absolutely necessary. Gallifreyan society, ruled by the High Council, is a dull and stagnant affair; some might even say that it is slowly decaying.

The Doctor, of the Prydonian group of Time Lords, fled Gallifrey at some point (ostensibly because of boredom) and is now living the life of a renegade. His interference with space and time is in direct contravention to Time Lord policy, and he has twice been tried on this point. Despite this, the Doctor continues to traverse the galaxy, often with a companion or two, battling evil and oppression in all its many guises.

As a Time Lord, the Doctor has two hearts and can withstand temperature extremes better than humans. They have a symbiotic link with their time machines. They can also regenerate when their present body is worn out or dying.

FAQ Item 1.4 - What is Regeneration?

In 1966, an ill William Hartnell decided to leave the program, in the middle of its fourth season (there are conflicting reasons; it was either illness or a contract dispute). In order to keep the series going, it was decided to draw on the Doctor's unknown abilities as an alien and have him "regenerate". Regeneration is a type of bodily renewal, during which the Time Lord gains a completely new form, and often undergoes a moderate personality change. In this fashion, the elderly William Hartnell gave way to the younger Patrick Troughton. The Doctor has regenerated six times, and is in his seventh incarnation.

FAQ Item 1.5 - What is the TARDIS?

The TARDIS (an acronym for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) is the time machine that the Doctor and other Time Lords travel in; it is the main vehicle for the series, which takes us to any number of times and places. It's "dimensionally trancendental" - bigger inside than out -, and, in the Doctor's case, it sometimes doesn't work properly. The Doctor's TARDIS is generally stuck in the shape of a Police Call Box, a familiar shape in England in 1963 but now obsolete. The version of the TARDIS that the Doctor uses is known as a "type 39", (though the Doctor usually refers to it as a "type 40") as with the British Police Call Box, the type 39 is considered an obsolete and outdated version of a TARDIS.

On numerous occasions the Doctor has attempted to repair his ship, with humorous and disastrous results. There is evidently some sort of telepathic link between the Doctor and his ship; they share a symbiotic relationship, and, as in the New Adventures, when the TARDIS malfunctions, so does the Doctor. The TARDIS is perhaps the second-most important character in the series; it is our "passport to adventure", and, in many ways, is the Doctor himself.

FAQ Item 1.6 - What are some of the best, or most popular Doctor Who episodes?

(Based on a poll in r.a.dw 11/15/94)

The 12 most popular shows, in order of broadcast,

"The War Games" Troughton
"Genesis of the Daleks" Tom Baker
"Pyramids of Mars" Tom Baker
"The Deadly Assassin" Tom Baker
"The Talons of Weng-Chiang" Tom Baker
"City of Death" Tom Baker
"Logopolis" Tom Baker
"Castrovalva" Davison
"Earthshock" Davison
"The Caves of Androzani" Davison
"Remembrance of the Daleks" McCoy
"The Curse of Fenric" McCoy

FAQ Item 1.7 - What are the Doctor Who movies starring Peter Cushing about?

During the 1960's when the show really took off, two movies were produced which starred Peter Cushing (of horror film fame) as the Doctor. Unlike the television show, the Doctor was a kindly old human inventor, Susan and Barbara were both shown to be his granddaughters, and Ian was Barbara's boyfriend. All three companions were significantly younger than their television counterparts. The cast of companions in the second movie was altered to omit Barbara and Ian, and to introduce Doctor Who's niece Louise and a bumbling police officer named Tom Campbell.

The two films were titled "Doctor Who and the Daleks" based upon the episode entitled `The Daleks', and "Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 AD" based upon the episode `The Dalek Invasion of Earth'. Although considerably shortened, the movies generally followed the plotlines of the TV episodes.

The cast and crew for "Doctor Who and the Daleks" (1965)

Executive Producer Joe Vegoda
Producers Milton Subotsky and Max J. Rosenberg
Director Gordon Flemyng
Screenplay Milton Subotsky
Based upon the BBC TV serial by Terry Nation

Dr Who Peter Cushing
Ian Chesterton Roy Castle
Barbara Jennie Linden
Susan Roberta Tovey
Alydon Barrie Ingham
Temmosus Geoffrey Toone
Elyon Mark Petersen
Antodus John Bown
Dyoni Yvonne Antrobus
Ganatus Michael Coles
Thals Ken Garady, Michael Lennox, Virginia Tyler, Bruce
Wells, Sharon Young, Nicolas Head, Jack Waters,
Jane Lumb, Martin Grace, Garry Wyler
Daleks Bruno Castagnoli, Michael Dillon, Brian Hands, Robert
Jewell, Kevin Manser, Eric McKay, Len Saunders,
Gerald Taylor

The cast and crew for "Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 AD" (1966)

Executive Producer Joe Vegoda
Producers Milton Subotsky and Max J. Rosenberg
Director Gordon Flemyng
Screenplay Milton Subotsky
Additional material by David Whitaker
Based on the BBC TV serial by Terry Nation

Dr Who Peter Cushing
Tom Campbell Bernard Cribbins
Susan Roberta Tovey
Louise Jill Curzon
David Ray Brooks
Dortmun Godfrey Quigley
Wyler Andrew Keir
Wells Roger Avon
Conway Keith Marsh
Brockley Philip Madoc
Thompson Eddie Powell
Craddock Kenneth Watson
Robomen Steve Peters, Geoffrey Cheshire
Man on bicycle Peter Reynolds
Man with carrier Bag Bernard Spear
Young Woman Sheila Staefel
Old Woman Eileen Way
Robber John Wreford
Leader Dalek Operator Robert Jewell

FAQ Item 1.8 - What is this "K-9 & Company" Special I keep seeing?

This was a one-hour story pilot, an intended spinoff of Doctor Who aired on December 28, 1981, featuring Sarah Jane Smith and K-9, two former companions of the Doctor, teaming up as a dynamic crime-fighting duo. The pilot did not sell, but the story is generally repeated every Christmas as a special Doctor Who story and is aired every so often in the United States to help raise pledge money when the public T.V. stations which air Doctor Who hold fiscal drives.

FAQ Item 1.9 - What was the "Dimensions in Time" 30th Anniversary Special?

The 1993 "Children in Need" charity appeal on the BBC coincided with Doctor Who's 30th anniversary. In commemoration of the event, the BBC aired "Dimensions in Time", a short adventure consisting of two 14-minute episodes. "DiT" featured all five living Doctors and a number of companions battling the evil Time Lord (Lady) known as the Rani, who is interfering with the Doctor's own personal timeline and has recruited many of his greatest foes to aid her. "DiT" was aired in a 3-D format, and took place on the set of the BBC soap opera "EastEnders". Characters from "EastEnders" made brief appearances in the story.

The present and future of "Doctor Who"

FAQ Item 2.1 - Is Doctor Who still on the air?

No. The last episode to air from the original BBC series was "Survival", airing in December of 1989 as the last story of Season 26. While no official cancellation announcement was made, the BBC stopped production of the series.

Recently a TV-movie was made and shown in North America and the UK. The movie was a continuation of the original series, and it is hoped that a new series will come from the film, though that has not yet been decided.

The original series does live on in re-runs. A complete list of stations that carry Doctor Who is given in Part 5 of the FAQ (for those who would like to extract print it out and keep it with them as they travel across the country).

FAQ Item 2.2 - What were the last words ever spoken on Doctor Who?

From the Original Series:

Part 3 of "Survival" ended with this quote by the Doctor; it's widely-
quoted in this newsgroup and in .sig files everywhere. For your convenience:

There are worlds out there where the sky is burning, the seas sleep, and the rivers dream; people made of smoke, and cities made of song. Somewhere there's danger; somewhere there's injustice, and somewhere else the tea is getting cold! Come on Ace, we've got work to do!

From the TV Movie:
"Oh no, not again!"

FAQ Item 2.3 - What were the circumstances of the cancellation?

After Season 22, the first Colin Baker season, the show was put on "hiatus"; for 18 months, no new shows were produced. When Doctor Who returned, season length was shortened, from 13 45-minute episodes, to 14 25-minute episodes. Colin Baker was fired, after one more season and Sylvester McCoy became the seventh Doctor.

McCoy's tenure as the Doctor was not to be ratings success, however. Despite tenuous signs that the public was coming back to Doctor Who, there were a number of strikes against it. Most notable was its competition with ITV's "Coronation Street", which constantly placed within the top five television programs each week.

Finally, after Season 26, the BBC announced that Doctor Who was again being placed on hiatus. While it has returned in the form of a television movie, the future of the show is still uncertain.

FAQ Item 2.4 - Will there be more Doctor Who?

The TV movie has just aired in North America and the UK. In the US its ratings were rather low, and FOX did not put it on its schedule of new shows. At this time, the ratings in the UK are not known.

There are several things which could be done to try to put it back on the air, including writing to the various network executives. Information on writing to these people can be found in FAQ Part 7.

FAQ Item 2.5 - What's this Doctor Who radio special?

"The Paradise of Death", broadcast in the fall of 1993, was a special radio story featuring Jon Pertwee, Elisabeth Sladen and Nicholas Courtney reprising their roles as the Third Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, in an adventure scripted by former Doctor Who producer Barry Letts. It consisted of five half-hour episodes which were subsequently released on audio tape. The BBC was very happy with the success of "Paradise" and subsequently commissioned a sequel, also featuring Pertwee, Sladen and Courtney and again written by Letts. This was entitled "The Ghosts of N-Space", and was originally slated to air in early 1995. However, due to contractual difficulties, this has been pushed back to 1996. According to Elisabeth Sladen, though, the BBC has already proposed a third radio story.

FAQ Item 2.6 - What are the "New Adventures"?

"Doctor Who - The New Adventures" are a series of authorized, full- length Doctor Who novels, continuing from the end of "Survival", the final Sylvester McCoy story. They are published monthly by Doctor Who Books, a division of Virgin Publishing Co. and have been written by both established Doctor Who authors like Terrance Dicks, John Peel and Ben Aaronovitch, as well as newcomers such as Paul Cornell and Kate Orman. Originally, the books featured the adventures of the Seventh Doctor and Ace, but Ace has since departed, to be replaced by archaeologist Bernice "Benny" Summerfield, and 30th-century Adjudicators Roslyn Forrester and Chris Cwej, and a cat named Wolsey.

The New Adventures promise to deliver stories "too big and broad for the small screen; full length science fiction novels". In some cases, the traditional Doctor Who format has been reworked, such as books not really featuring the Doctor himself. Some of the novels have been linked together, though the majority stand alone. Many of the books are aimed at hard-core science fiction fans, and some Who traditionalists do not find them totally satisfying.

A complete list of The New Adventures that have been released to date appears in the third part of this FAQ.

FAQ Item 2.7 - And what are the "Missing Adventures"?

As a tandem to the New Adventures, Doctor Who Books is now releasing a set of adventures featuring the first six incarnations of the Doctor and his old companions; these are stories that take place between the televised episodes. Like the early "New Adventures", a mix of established and unknown authors will tackle the "Missing Adventures".

A complete listing of current and scheduled Missing Adventure novels is included in the third part of the FAQ.

The Lost "Doctor Who" Episodes

FAQ Item 3.1 - What are the "missing episodes" or "lost episodes"?

During the early seventies many Doctor Who stories were destroyed by the BBC, along with vast amounts of other material kept by the BBC, in order to cut costs in storage. This was in the age before home video, when the material appeared useless due to the limitations on televised repeats in Britain.

Many of the lost episodes are of the later William Hartnell and much from the Patrick Troughton era. As many as 109 episodes are still missing (equivalent to 2 to 3 seasons). "Tomb of the Cybermen" with Patrick Troughton as The Doctor, was found in Hong Kong in early 1992, raising hopes that more of the lost episodes will be found.

In addition to the lost Hartnell and Troughton episodes, some Pertwee episodes exist only in black and white versions. Recently, several episodes from "The Silurians", "Terror of the Autons", "The Daemons" and "The Ambassadors of Death" have had their color restored using low-quality color video tapes recorded in the U.S.

A complete list of the Missing Doctor Who episodes appears below:

Episode Title Parts Missing Author Story Code
Marco Polo all John Lucarotti D
The Reign of Terror 4-5 Dennis Spooner H
The Crusades 1,2,4 David Whitaker P
Galaxy Four all William Emms T
Mission to the Unknown all Terry nation T/A
The Myth Makers all Donald Cotton U
The Dalek Masterplan 1-4,6-9,11-12 Nation & Spooner V
The Massacre all John Lucarotti W
The Celestial Toymaker 1-3 Brian Hayles Y
The Savages all Ian Stuart Black AA
The Smugglers all Brian Hayles CC
The Tenth Planet 4 Kit Pedler DD

Power of the Daleks all David Whitaker EE
The Highlanders all Gerry Davis FF
& Elwyn Jones
The Underwater Menace 1,2,4 Geoffrey Orme GG
The Moonbase 1,3 Kit Pedler HH
The Macra Terror all Ian Stuart Black JJ
The Faceless Ones 2,4-6 David Ellis KK
& Malcolm Hulke
Evil of the Daleks 1,3-7 David Whitaker LL
The Abominable Snowmen 1,3-6 Mervyn Haisman MM
& Henry Lincoln
The Ice Warriors 2,3 Brian Hayles OO
The Enemy of the World 1,2,4-6 David Whitaker PP
The Web of Fear 2-6 Mervyn Haisman QQ
& Henry Lincoln
Fury From The Deep all Victor Pemberton RR
The Wheel in Space 1,2,4,5 David Whitaker SS
The Invasion 1,4 Derrick Sherwin VV
The Space Pirates 1,3-6 Robert Holmes YY

FAQ Item 3.2 - I know something about missing episodes. What do I do?

Here's the name and address of the man to contact with missing episode

Mr Adam Lee,
Archive Selector,
BBC Film and Videotape Library,
Reynard Mills Industrial Estate,
Windmill Road,
England TW8 9NF

Tel: 0181-567 6655

Reports on whether the supplier of these lost episodes will be reimbursed have varied from source to source. The most substantial report I have received so far has been:

"There is an amnesty, and no questions at all will be asked if private collectors do have some of the missing episodes; all the BBC wants to do is to copy the film print (or whatever), the original being retained by the donor. The BBC has recently introduced a "finder's fee" for these lost episodes, which covers any money that film collectors have had to pay to secure their collections. The fee is entirely negotiable."

(Thanks to Richard Develyn

FAQ Item 3.3 - What are the "missing novelizations"?

W.H. Allen and Target Books, between the years 1973 and 1991, published a set of novelizations for just about every Doctor Who story ever produced. 155 in number, they span the Doctor Who era from "An Unearthly Child" all the way to "Survival", some greatly expanded on the original stories, others basically verbatim transcripts.

A few serials, however, have never been novelized. They include Douglas Adams' "The Pirate Planet", "City of Death" and "Shada" and Eric Saward's "Resurrection of the Daleks" and "Revelation of the Daleks".

In the case of the Adams' serials, he has refused to novelize his stories because a writer of his caliber would never stoop to churning out a novelization for a low fee. Furthermore, several plot elements from "City of Death" and "Shada" were reused in Adams' two Dirk Gently novels.

The Dalek episodes never reached print because of royalties disputes between Terry Nation, the original creator of the Daleks, and Eric Saward, who penned many of the later Dalek serials and deviated greatly from Nation's original concept of the Daleks. Apparently this conflict has been resolved and Saward is now scheduled to novelize "Resurrection" and "Revelation". These were originally due to appear in 1994, but will now see print no earlier than 1996.

FAQ Item 3.4 - What are these Missing Episodes that I see in bookstores?

To further confuse the issue, during season 22, the show was temporarily pulled off the air and the stories that were planned for season 23 were shelved and never filmed. There are novelizations of 3 of the stories that were intended for that season.

The stories and the novelizations are as follows -

Title Author ISBN #
The Nightmare Fair Graham Williams 0 426 20334 8
Mission to Magnus Philip Martin 0 426 20347 X
The Ultimate Evil Wally K. Daly 0 426 20338 0

Eric Saward is also supposed to novelize Robert Holmes' planned "Yellow Fever". Like his two forthcoming Dalek novelizations, however, it is uncertain when this will see the light of day.

FAQ Item 3.5 - What is Shada?

Shada was the name of a six part story, which would have been the last one of the 1979 season. The story was scripted by Douglas Adams and many scenes were shot on location in Cambridge England. However during production, a strike by television personnel at the BBC prevented the completion of the show. While there large amounts of filming were complete, various aspects such as special effects and large parts of studio filming were not completed. This particular show was then considered dead in the water. Interest in Shada did not let up, and various attempts to save the story were made. Finally, in 1991 the BBC released the extant material for "Shada" on videotape, with new special effects added and Tom Baker providing the links for missing material.

"Doctor Who" Fandom

FAQ Item 4.1 - How can I write to the actors who have played the Doctor
and companions?

This information was sent to me courtesy of Dale Clayton,
(IN%"") and Tom ?? (

Tom Baker
c/o London Management
Noel House
2-3 Noel Street
London, England

Peter Davison
c/o John Mahoney Management
Lower Ground Floor
94 Gloucester Place
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Colin Baker
c/o Lindsay Granger
Barry Burnett Organisation Ltd.
Suite 42-43
2-3 Golden Square
London, England

Sylvester McCoy
c/o James Sharkey Associates,
3rd Floor Suite,
15 Golden Square,
London, England

Elisabeth Sladen Information Network
C/O Kevin W. Parker
3E Ridge Road
Greenbelt MD 20770-1969

Sophie Aldred Appreciation Society
c/o Tina Stitzer
12600 S.W. 5 Ct. #207
Pembroke Pines FL 33027

Sophie Aldred
c/o John Grantham
1b Montagu Mews North
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FAQ Item 4.2 - I write Doctor Who fiction in my spare time.
Who can I show it to?

Many news sites now carry the separate net "alt.drwho.creative". On this group, you can post the original Doctor Who stories, of any nature and with any Doctor, to the rest of USENET for everybody to read. If you'd like to take your writing to a more serious level, you might consider penning a "New" or "Missing Adventure".

Another option is to submit your story to Everlasting Films, a group who produces audio dramas for Doctor Who - they are always interested in new writers. Contact for more information or check out their website at

FAQ Item 4.3 - What is Storm God Rising and Net_Decalog?

Over the past couple of years, there have been a number of attempts to publish collections of Doctor Who short stories written purely by fans on the Internet -- veteran and novice Who authors alike. The first, "Storm God Rising", was edited by Rich Salter and Jason Miller and concerned the Doctor's encounters with the Storm-Demon Achmael. The second, referred to simply as Net_Decalog would have been the third "Decalog" book had it been accepted, and used the running theme of the Ten Commandments. It was edited by Salter, Miller and Lou Anders. Sadly, both of these efforts were rejected by Virgin.

Currently, Salter, Miller and Anders are putting together a new Net_Decalog proposal with the running theme of "networks" as suggested by Virgin editor Rebecca Levene.

The stories are avaiable at the FTP site, under the directory pub/Doctor_Who/matrix/Net_Adventures/SGR/

FAQ Item 4.4 - How can I get a New Adventure published?

This information has been graciously submitted by "New Adventures" author
Kate Orman.

From: IN%"" (Kate Orman)

Last updated 25/10/93

As you probably know, the New Adventures are a series of novels featuring the Seventh Doctor, Ace, and most recently the new companion Benny, in a series of linked tales which follow on from the end of "Survival".

New Adventures can be up to 100,000 words long. My contract specified from seventy-five to eighty-five thousands words. Some are linked in short series, such as the Timewyrm books which began the range; others stand alone. However, unlike the Star Trek books, they do form a continuous series.

To submit an NA, you have to send the first 15,000 words or so, plus a full synopsis of the entire story, to the editor, Peter Darvill-Evans, at:

Virgin Publishing
332 Ladbroke Gve
London W10 5AH

For *any* professional submission, you should only send typed or high-quality computer printed stuff; handwriting is not acceptable. It should be double-spaced, on one side of the page only, with big margins. This is because the manuscript you send will be marked up and sent directly to the typesetters, so there needs to be plenty of space for the markings. It also means that too many spelling / typing / grammatical errors will get your manuscript rejected, since it would have to be retyped at considerable expense.

In the original version of this file, I stated that submissions should avoid including copyrighted monsters / villains, such as the Daleks. Virgin are now happier with using monsters from the series, such as the Silurians. However, I would still *recommend* that you don't use TV monsters or villains as a major part of your book. This is for two reasons: one, if there *is* a copyright problem, it's cheaper to reject you. Secondly, it shows a lack of originality.

Virgin suggest you avoid the Valeyard, stories set in alternative timelines, and Victorian, Edwardian, and late twentieth century Earth.

A couple of comments on being rejected. With thousands of people pouring manuscripts into the Virgin offices, they can afford to be really choosy. Give your manuscript the best chance you can, by making it as readable, error-free, and original as possible - but don't be too surprised / hurt if you are rejected. It's not a pleasant experience (even though PDE's rejection slips are really nice) - but it doesn't mean you're a hopeless failure as an author / human being - just that you were edged out by one of the 1000000000 other submissions! Try, try again.

The "Missing Adventures" - books featuring the other Doctors - are definitely going ahead. Novels must fit into the "gaps" between the televised stories.

Ace will be leaving the series, probably at the end of 1994. It's possible a male companion will join the TARDIS crew.

Just btw, if you don't feel like writing 100,000 words, don't forget DWM's Brief Encounters. These are around 800 words.

Need more info? Please feel free to email me. (Kate Orman)

FAQ Item 4.5 - What Doctor Who reference books can I consult?

Numerous Doctor Who reference books have been published in the past. Many of the earlier ones contain inaccuracies and errors, and have been supplanted by more recent texts. The most worthwhile books include:

"The Programme Guide"/"The Terrestrial Index"/"The Universal Databank", by Jean-Marc Lofficier

This "reference trilogy" is probably the most comprehensive guide to the television stories themselves ever published. "The Programme Guide" lists every story, including cast lists and story information. A recent updated edition also provides details on New Adventures up to "All-Consuming Fire". "The Terrestrial Index" features a hypothetical history of the Doctor Who universe and a guide to all official Doctor Who fiction ever released. "The Universal Databank" is an encyclopaediac listing of people, places, things and more that have appeared on Doctor Who.

"The Sixties"/"The Seventies", by David J. Howe, Mark Stammers and Stephen James Walker

These hardcover books give a detailed overview of the first two decades of Doctor Who's existence. They are aimed primarily at the casual fan, but contain a wealth of information and photographs for all. "The Eighties" is forthcoming.

"The Handbooks", by David J. Howe, Mark Stammers and Stephen James Walker

A series of paperback analyzing the era of each Doctor individually. These contain a vast array of details on every story and Doctor, including reviews of all the stories. Handbooks for the First, Fourth and Sixth Doctor have been published so far; the others are slated to be published annually.

"25 Glorious Years", by Peter Haining

The most recent overview of the entire series published. It contains a number of inaccuracies, but is nevertheless a worthwhile overview of Doctor Who.

FAQ Item 4.6 - Where to find videotapes and New Adventures

Many fans in the United States have had trouble getting access to the CBS/Fox Doctor Who videos released, and have had problems with bookstores obtaining the New Adventures and recent Dalek novelizations. Here's a quick reference guide on where to find this stuff.


SunCoast Video, a national (U.S.) retail video chain, with stores just about everywhere at this point, carries every CBS/Fox video ever released through the BBC. They generally carry at least one copy of every video at all times, and have information on when the newest set of videos are to be released (generally, every 6 months).

If there's no Suncoast Video store near you, the following video catalog has been seen carrying several Doctor Who, as well as other fairly obscure sci-fi videos:

The Video Catalog
P.O. Box 64428
St. Paul, MN 55163-0428
1 (800) 733-2232


Most national (U.S.) bookstore chains (Barnes & Noble, Waldenbooks, B. Dalton Booksellers) now carry all New Adventures upon their release, and generally have back copies of older books floating around for several months. They will also order copies of books they no longer have in stock; when doing this, be sure to specify that this as a "Doctor Who: The New Adventures" book along with the title, and supply the ISBN code, which is provided in FAQ Part 5 for every New and Missing Adventure currently released.

A supplier of New Adventures novels is

Dr Who
120 Enterprise Avenue
Secaucus, NJ 07094-9834
TEL: (800)-477-BOOK

It appears that this is a division of the Carol Publishing Group who supplies the New Adventures in the US. (Thanks to Dennis Lawrence for this information). However, in late 1994, Virgin Publishing switched distribution from Carol to London Bridge; it is unknown whether this address can still provide New and Missing Adventures.

FAQ Item 4.7 - Where can I find other Doctor Who merchandise?

WHO Enterprises in Toronto was one of the foremost suppliers of Who (and other sci-fi) merchandise in North America. However, in 1994 they drastically cut back on their operations, closing their store and returning to mail order only. They now deal exclusively with pre-orders, except on books and videos which they will back order. However, they still have back stock from before the store closing, which includes books, magazines, posters, calendars, games, enamel pins, audio/video tapes, comics, toys, models, figures, t-shirts, hats, records, CD's, mugs, programme guides, costume patterns and accessories, etc. These items can still be ordered while supplies last; it suggested that WHO Enterprises be contacted as to availability before ordering any back stock. All back stock is being sold at 20% off.

WHO Enterprises no longer publishes a catalogue, but instead mails a list of upcoming products to those who subscribe to the service. This subscription costs $8.00 CAN for one year. Items must be ordered within a month after they ship.

Here is their mail order address:
Who Enterprises
P.O. Box 399,
Station "R"
Toronto, Ontario
M4G 4C3

(416) 423-6828 - Voice (limited hrs.) or leave a message and/or FAX (24hrs.)
Sorry, they don't have a 1-800 number.

Another good source is 800-TREKKER. Their address is:
PO Box 13131, Dept. T-2
Reading PA 19612-3131
or 610-373-7100
or 610-992-1900

They also have a WWW site:

They seem to have a good variety of merchandise and prompt service.

Another source, of mainly the hard to find merchandise, is

Intergalactic Trading Co.
P.O. Box 1516
Longwood FL 32752

They don't have the new stuff (books, videos), but they do have posters, pins, magazines and other hard to find merchandise. (This information provided by Brian Leggett)

4.8 I play role-playing games. Are there any for "Doctor Who"?

There are two commercial role-playing games, and many fans play Doctor Who adopting (usually generic) systems to the Doctor Who universe. There is a mailing list for role-playing in the Doctor Who universe, who-rpg-l, and it has a web page at <.>>.

This first is "The Doctor Who Role Playing Game" (FASA, Chigaco, 1985), Ed. Wm. John Wheeler

This comprises three books in a box with Tom Baker / Leela on it. Player characters were usually from the Gallifreyan Celestial Intervention Agency and similar to the Doctor/companions in that they were usually a Time Lord/Lady and some humans travelling around in a TARDIS. The mechanics were a reworking of FASA Star Trek role-playing game. This was followed by several, usually good, adventures, and three sourcebooks of varying quality.

The second is "Time Lord" (Doctor Who Books, London, 1991), by Ian Marsh and Peter Darvill-Evans, ISBN 0426 203623

Players are the Doctor and companions - there is no character generation system, although there is an appendix on how to produce stats for yourself (!). This game suffered from very bad placement (in other words, it was sold with Doctor Who books, not with the RPGs) and there have been no official supplements other than a couple of Doctor Who magazine articles.

FAQ Item 4.9 - Hey I just moved to town - is there a fan club nearby?

There is a list of fan clubs located at my web site, as well as posted
at the Frontios ftp site.

There are also national, and international fan clubs. Among them are:

The Doctor Who Appreciation Society - UK based
e-mail contact: Andrew Eaton (
s-mail: DWAS, PO Box 519, London SW17 8BU

Doctor Who Information Network - Canada based
e-mail contact: Dale Clayton (
s-mail: PO Box 912
Station F
Toronto ON Canada M4Y 2N9

FAQ Item 4.10 - What is "Whonited for Charity"?

WHONITED FOR CHARITY is a fundraising project established and run by Kevin W. Parker (president of the Elisabeth Sladen Information Network) and Laurie Yadon (formerly the president of clubs for Tom Baker and Colin Baker). In 1993 they decided to combine and expand the fundraising they had done within their own small clubs, so that more of their fellow DOCTOR WHO fans would be able to participate. The first two annual WHONITED drives raised a total of $5,100 for six Registered Charities in the U.K. which are actively supported by Tom Baker, Colin Baker, Sophie Aldred, Jon Pertwee and Elisabeth Sladen. This year a seventh charity, one supported by Nicholas Courtney, will be included. WHONITED FOR CHARITY has the full support of all the charities and actors included, plus many North American DOCTOR WHO fan clubs. For more information, and/or to be added to their mailing list, please contact either Laurie ( or Kevin (

FAQ Item 4.11 - Are there any Doctor Who trading cards available?

Yes, there have been, and there are cards being currently produced. The 3rd edition of the Cornerstone cards will be out later in 1995, and if you would like more information about them, just drop them some e-mail at .

Random Items concerning "Doctor Who"

FAQ Item 5.1 - Which big celebrities have appeared on Doctor Who?

John Cleese appeared, with Eleanor Bron, as an art critic in "City of Death". A clip of The Beatles performing "Ticket to Ride" was seen in "The Chase". "Queen Elizabeth" was seen walking her dogs in "Silver Nemesis" (sadly, this was not the real queen). American stage actor Stubby Kaye (from the original Broadway and movie version of "Guys & Dolls") appeared as a bumbling yet lovable U.S. secret agent in "Delta & The Bannermen". Julian Glover appeared as King Richard the Lionheart in "The Crusade", and as Scaroth in the popular "City of Death". Jean Marsh briefly played companion Sara Kingdom in "The Daleks' Master Plan", and was also Joanna in "The Crusade" and Morgaine in "Battlefield". Honor Blackman, from "The Avengers" and "Goldfinger", played Professor Lasky in "Terror of the Vervoids" (a portion of the "Trial of a Time Lord" season). And in a strange, yet almost appropriate career move, Patricia Quinn (Magenta in "Rocky Horror Picture Show") appeared as Belazs in "Dragonfire".

FAQ Item 5.2 - What are "The Stranger" videos?

The Stranger videos are a series of semi-professional stories made by Who fan Bill Baggs. They star Colin Baker as Soloman or "The Stranger". Originally, the Stranger was a very Doctor-like being who was unaware of his own past. More recently, the truth about the Stranger's past has been revealed. Concurrently, the series has seen a shift away from being such an out-and-out Doctor Who imitation and taken on a style of its own. A plethora of Who celebrities have also appeared in the Stranger videos, such as Nicola Bryant (Peri), Louise Jameson (Leela) and Sophie Aldred (Ace).

There have been six Stranger videos so far: "Summoned by Shadows", "More Than a Messiah", "In Memory Alone", "The Terror Game", "Breach of the Peace" and the two-part "Eye of the Beholder". There have also been two Stranger audio tapes.

Bill Baggs has also produced other videos starring Doctor Who cast in non-Who roles, among them "The Airzone Solution" and "The Zero Imperative". The latter features the return of Caroline John as Liz Shaw, though the Doctor himself is not present.

Further details and ordering information are available in the UK from:

53 South Road
Beeston, Nottingham NG9 1LY

In the US, the following source for videos is recommended:

Science Fiction Continuum
P.O. Box 154
Colonia, NJ 07067-0154
Telephone: 1-800-232-6002
FAX orders: 1-908-755-2886

FAQ Item 5.3 - What is the "Mythmaker" Series?

Another independently produced series of videos, which highlight the actors and actresses who have appeared in the show. These are sort of mini- biographies, where the performer usually takes you on a tour of some location that they live in, grew up in, went to school at, etc. These are recommended only if you *really* want to see what these people are like when they are not in front of the camera. The video list is rather extensive and should be consulted for the currently available editions. The "Mythmakers" videos are made by Reeltime Pictures, who have also made two adventures featuring Doctor Who characters, called "Wartime" and "Downtime".

FAQ Item 5.4 - What is this I hear about a female Doctor Who?

In the 1980s, a Seattle-based filmmaker named Ryan K. Johnson produced four movies with a female Doctor. They were:

Doctor Who: The Wrath of Eukor (1984) 30 minutes
Doctor Who: Visions of Utomu (1986) 32 minutes
Pentagon West (1987) 28 minutes
Doctor Who: Broken Doors (1988) 20 minutes

You can still get copies directly from Ryan by sending him a blank VHS tape and $2 for return postage to:

Ryan K. Johnson
6523 NE 171st Pl.
Bothel WA 98011


Foreign requests will of course have to add extra money to cover the extra postage. Ryan can only make copies in the American video standard (NTSC). If you are in the UK or Australia and want PAL copies, you'll have to look around in your own country for copies - they're there, just ask around.

FAQ Item 5.5 - Were those the Doctor's faces in "The Brain of Morbius"?

At the climax of the Tom Baker story "The Brain of Morbius", the Doctor and Morbius engage in a mental duel. At a point when the Doctor appears to be losing, the faces of the First Doctor appears, followed by several other adult male faces in various period clothing. The suggestion appears to be that these are previous incarnations of the Doctor prior to William Hartnell's version. Indeed, this was the idea at the time the story was broadcast (the faces themselves were those of various production members).

However, this directly conflicts with various other statements in the series. In "The Deadly Assassin", it is said that a Time Lord can only regenerate twelve times, but by this count, Peter Davison's should have been the final Doctor. Furthermore, in "The Five Doctors", the Fifth Doctor specifically states that he is the fourth regeneration. This has led to the assumption that the faces are Morbius', though this is not borne out by what appears on-screen.

This is one of those subjects which is essentially unanswerable, but seems to be particularly persistent on the newsgroup. The real answer, of course, is that there *is* no answer -- just lots of debates amongst fans.

FAQ Item 5.6 - Which companions have posed nude?

Following the end of her tenure as Jo Grant in the 70s, Katy Manning posed naked for the first issue of a magazine called "Girl"... with a Dalek! A portion of the article including these photos was reprinted in David Howe's book "Timeframe" in 1993. (Photos1) (Photos2)

The only other companion said to have posed nude is Lalla Ward, who played the second Romana. Apparently, however, this was actually a body double used for a film Lalla filmed; stills (presumably taken from this movie) have popped up in magazines now and then.

FAQ Item 5.7 - What are the proper story titles?

Following the painstaking research of people like David Howe, Mark Stammers, Stephen James Walker and Andrew Pixley, it has come to light that many of the titles commonly used by fans are not, in fact, the correct story titles. This has become a bone of contention for many fans, some of whom prefer to use the customary titles while others favor the "proper" titles. Stories referred to by a number of titles are:

Serial A:
"An Unearthly Child" (common title)
"100,000 B.C." (proper title)
"The Tribe of Gum" (once commonly used, now becoming obsolete)

Serial B:
"The Daleks" (common title)
"The Mutants" (proper title -- not used to avoid confusion with the
Pertwee story of the same name)
"The Dead Planet" (title of the first episode, occasionally used to refer
to the whole story)

Serial C:
"The Edge of Destruction" (common title)
"Inside the Spaceship" (proper title)
"Beyond the Sun" (actually a working title for the first episode of
Serial B, confused with Serial C due to BBC documentation)

Serial DC (aka Serial T/A):
"Mission to the Unknown" (common title)
"Dalek Cutaway" (proper title)

Serial W:
"The Massacre" (common title)
"The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve" (proper title)

Serial BBB:
"The Silurians" (common title)
"Doctor Who and the Silurians" (proper title, albeit an accident by the
production staff)

FAQ Item 5.8 - Is Susan REALLY the Doctor's graddaughter?

Despite having no legitimate evidence to support their arguments, many fans profes the belief that Susan is not really the Doctor's (biological) granddaughter. Like the question of whether the Monk, Master and War Chief are really the same Time Lord, there is nothing in the series itself to make us think that Susan is not the Doctor's granddaughter. Indeed, the Doctor makes reference to having a "family" in both "The Tomb of the Cybermen" and "The Curse of Fenric". However, it has never been conclusively stated that Susan _is_ the Doctor's granddaughter either, so these fans are not necessarily completely out in left field.

End of FAQ Part 1.

FAQ Part 2 of 7 Main Index 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Newsgroups: rec.arts.drwho
Subject: FAQ Part 2 of 7 - Episode Guide
From: (Siobahn Morgan)
Date: 1 Jun 96 10:26:43 -0500

William Hartnell is The Doctor

First Season - November 23, 1963 to September 12, 1964
Producers: Verity Lambert, Mervyn Pinfield
Script Editor: David Whitaker

All stories shown in 25 minute segments.

A AN UNEARTHLY CHILD (4) Anthony Coburn Susan Foreman. Ian
Chesterton, Barbara
Wright join.
B THE DALEKS (7) Terry Nation Film version made.
D MARCO POLO (7) John Lucarotti
E THE KEYS OF MARINUS (6) Terry Nation
F THE AZTECS (4) John Lucarotti
G THE SENSORITES (6) Peter R. Newman
H THE REIGN OF TERROR (6) Dennis Spooner

Second Season - October 31, 1964 to July 24, 1965
Producers: Verity Lambert, Mervyn Pinfield
Script Editors: David Whitaker, Dennis Spooner, Donald Tosh

J PLANET OF GIANTS (3) Louis Marks
K THE DALEK INVASION OF Terry Nation Susan leaves. Film
EARTH (6) version made.
L THE RESCUE (2) David Whitaker Vicki joins.
M THE ROMANS (4) Dennis Spooner
N THE WEB PLANET (6) Bill Strutton
P THE CRUSADE (4) David Whitaker
R THE CHASE (6) Terry Nation Ian, Barbara leave;
Steven Taylor joins
S THE TIME MEDDLER (4) Dennis Spooner

Third Season - September 11, 1965 to July 16, 1966
Producers: Verity Lambert, John Wiles, Innes Lloyd
Script Editors: Donald Tosh, Gerry Davis

T GALAXY FOUR (4) William Emms
T/A MISSION TO THE UNKNOWN (1) Terry Nation Prelude for V.
U THE MYTH MAKERS (4) Donald Cotton Vicki leaves,
Katarina joins.
V THE DALEK MASTER PLAN (12) Terry Nation Sara Kingdom joins.
Katarina killed.
Sara killed.
W THE MASSACRE (4) John Lucarotti Dodo Chaplet joins.
X THE ARK (4) Paul Erickson,Lesley Scott
Z THE GUNFIGHTERS (4) Donald Cotton
AA THE SAVAGES (4) Ian Stuart Black Steven leaves.
BB THE WAR MACHINES (4) Ian Stuart Black Dodo leaves. Ben
Jackson, Polly join

Fourth Season - September 10, 1966 to July 1, 1967
Producers: Innes Lloyd, Peter Bryant
Script Editors: Gerry Davis, Peter Bryant

CC THE SMUGGLERS (4) Brian Hayles

Patrick Troughton is The Doctor

FF THE HIGHLANDERS (4) Gerry Davis, Jamie McCrimmon joins
Elwyn Jones
HH THE MOONBASE (4) Kit Pedler
JJ THE MACRA TERROR (4) Ian Stuart Black
KK THE FACELESS ONES (6) David Ellis, Ben, Polly leave.
Malcolm Hulke
LL THE EVIL OF THE DALEKS (7) David Whitaker Victoria Waterfield joins.

Fifth Season - September 2, 1967 to June 1, 1968
Producers: Peter Bryant, Innes Lloyd
Script Editors: Victor Pemberton, Peter Bryant

CYBERMEN (4) Gerry Davis
NN THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMEN (6) Mervyn Haisman,Henry Lincoln
OO THE ICE WARRIORS (6) Brian Hayles
PP THE ENEMY OF THE WORLD (6) David Whitaker
QQ THE WEB OF FEAR (6) Mervyn Haisman,Henry Lincoln
RR FURY FROM THE DEEP (6) Victor Pemberton Victoria leaves.
SS THE WHEEL IN SPACE (6) David Whitaker Zoe Herriet joins.

Sixth Season - August 10, 1968 to June 21, 1969
Producers: Peter Bryant, Derrick Sherwin
Script Editors: Derrick Sherwin, Terrance Dicks

TT THE DOMINATORS (5) Norman Ashby
VV THE INVASION (8) Derrick Sherwin
WW THE KROTONS (4) Robert Holmes
XX THE SEEDS OF DEATH (6) Brian Hayles
YY THE SPACE PIRATES (6) Robert Holmes
ZZ THE WAR GAMES (10) Malcolm Hulke, Jamie, Zoe leave.
Terrance Dicks

Jon Pertwee is The Doctor

Seventh Season - January 3 1970 to June 20, 1970
Producers: Derrick Sherwin, Barry Letts
Script Editor: Terrance Dicks

AAA SPEARHEAD FROM SPACE (4) Robert Holmes Liz Shaw joins.

DDD INFERNO (7) Don Houghton Liz leaves.

Eighth Season - January 2, 1971 to June 19, 1971
Producer: Barry Letts
Script Editor: Terrance Dicks

EEE TERROR OF THE AUTONS (4) Robert Holmes Jo Grant joins.
FFF THE MIND OF EVIL (6) Don Houghton
GGG THE CLAWS OF AXOS (4) Bob Baker,Dave Martin
HHH COLONY IN SPACE (6) Malcolm Hulke
JJJ THE DAEMONS (5) Guy Leopold

Ninth Season - January 1, 1972 to June 24, 1972
Producer: Barry Letts
Script Editor: Terrance Dicks

LLL THE SEA DEVILS (6) Malcolm Hulke
NNN THE MUTANTS (6) Bob Baker, Dave Martin
OOO THE TIME MONSTER (6) Robert Sloman

Tenth Season - December 30, 1972 to June 23, 1973
Producer: Barry Letts
Script Editor: Terrance Dicks

RRR THE THREE DOCTORS (4) Bob Baker, Special 10th Anniver-
Dave Martin sary story. Appearance
by Doctors 1 and 2.
TTT THE GREEN DEATH (6) Robert Sloman Jo leaves.

Eleventh Season - December 15, 1973 to June 8, 1974
Producer: Barry Letts
Script Editor: Terrance Dicks

UUU THE TIME WARRIOR (4) Robert Holmes Sarah Jane Smith joins.

Tom Baker is The Doctor

Twelfth Season - December 28, 1974 to May 10, 1975
Producers: Barry Letts, Philip Hinchcliffe
Script Editor: Robert Holmes

4A ROBOT (4) Terrance Dicks Harry Sullivan joins.
4C THE ARK IN SPACE (4) Robert Holmes
4B THE SONTARAN Bob Baker,Dave Martin

Thirteenth Season - August 30, 1975 to March 6, 1976
Producer: Philip Hinchcliffe
Script Editor: Robert Holmes

4F TERROR OF THE ZYGONS (4) Robert Banks Stewart Harry leaves.
4H PLANET OF EVIL (4) Louis Marks
4G PYRAMIDS OF MARS (4) Stephen Harris
4L THE SEEDS OF DOOM (6) Robert Banks Stewart

Fourteenth Season - September 4, 1977 to April 2, 1977
Producer: Philip Hinchcliffe
Script Editor: Robert Holmes

4M THE MASQUE OF Louis Marks
4N THE HAND OF FEAR (4) Bob Baker, Sarah leaves.
Dave Martin
4P THE DEADLY ASSASSIN (4) Robert Holmes
4Q THE FACE OF EVIL (4) Chris Boucher Leela joins.
4R THE ROBOTS OF DEATH (4) Chris Boucher
4S THE TALONS OF Robert Holmes

Fifteenth Season - September 3, 1977 to March 11, 1978
Producer: Graham Williams
Script Editors: Robert Holmes, Anthony Read

4V HORROR OF FANG ROCK (4) Terrance Dicks
4T THE INVISIBLE ENEMY (4) Bob Baker, K9 joins.
Dave Martin
4X IMAGE OF THE FENDAHL (4) Chris Boucher
4W THE SUNMAKERS (4) Robert Holmes
4Y UNDERWORLD (4) Bob Baker,Dave Martin
4Z THE INVASION OF TIME (6) David Agnew Leela, K9 MkI leave.

Sixteenth Season - September 2, 1978 to February 24, 1979
Producer: Graham Williams
Script Editor: Anthony Read

Season title: The Key to Time

5A THE RIBOS OPERATION (4) Robert Holmes Romana, K9 Mk2 join.
5B THE PIRATE PLANET (4) Douglas Adams
5C THE STONES OF BLOOD (4) David Fisher
5D THE ANDROIDS OF TARA (4) David Fisher
5E THE POWER OF KROLL (4) Robert Holmes
5F THE ARMEGGEDDON FACTOR (6) Bob Baker, Dave Martin

Seventeenth Season - September 1, 1979 to January 12, 1980
Producer: Graham Williams
Script Editor: Douglas Adams

5J DESTINY OF THE DALEKS (4) Terry Nation Romana regenerates.
5H CITY OF DEATH (4) David Agnew
PIT (4)
5L THE HORNS OF NIMON (4) Anthony Read
5M SHADA (6) Douglas Adams -- Never finished.

Eighteenth Season - August 30, 1980 to March 21, 1981
Producer: John Nathan-Turner
Script Editor: Christopher H. Bidmead

5N THE LEISURE HIVE (4) David Fisher
5Q MEGLOS (4) John Flanagan,Andrew McCulloch
5R FULL CIRCLE (4) Andrew Smith Adric joins.
5P STATE OF DECAY (4) Terrance Dicks
5S WARRIORS' GATE (4) Steve Gallagher Romana, K9 Mk2 leave.
5T THE KEEPER OF TRAKEN (4) Johnny Byrne Nyssa joins.
5V LOGOPOLIS (4) Christopher H. Tegan Jovanka joins.

Peter Davison is The Doctor

Nineteenth Season - January 4, 1982 to March 30, 1982
Producer: John Nathan-Turner
Script Editors: Eric Saward, Antony Root

5Z CASTROVALVA (4) Christopher H. Bidmead
5W FOUR TO DOOMSDAY (4) Terence Dudley
5Y KINDA (4) Christopher Bailey
5X THE VISITATION (4) Eric Saward
6A BLACK ORCHID (2) Terence Dudley
6B EARTHSHOCK (4) Eric Saward Adric killed.
6C TIME-FLIGHT (4) Peter Grimwade Tegan left behind.

Twentieth season - January 3, 1983 to March 16, 1983
Producer: John Nathan-Turner
Script Editors: Eric Saward, Antony Root

6E ARC OF INFINITY (4) Johnny Byrne Tegan returns.
6D SNAKEDANCE (4) Christopher Bailey
6F MAWDRYN UNDEAD (4) Peter Grimwade Turlough joins.
Appearance by the Brigadier.
6G TERMINUS (4) Steve Gallagher Nyssa leaves.
6H ENLIGHTENMENT (4) Barbara Clegg
6J THE KING'S DEMONS (2) Terence Dudley Kamelion joins.
6K THE FIVE DOCTORS (1) Terrance Dicks
Special 20th Anniversary story. Appearance by Doctors 1-4, Susan,
Jamie, Zoe, Liz, the Brigadier, Mike Yates, Sarah, K9 and Romana 2.
Shown in one 90-minute segment on November 25, 1983.

Twenty-first season - January 5, 1984 to March 30, 1984
Producer: John Nathan-Turner
Script Editor: Eric Saward

6L WARRIORS OF THE DEEP (4) Johnny Byrne
6M THE AWAKENING (2) Eric Pringle
6N FRONTIOS (4) Christopher H. Bidmead
6P RESURRECTION OF THE Eric Saward Tegan leaves. Shown
DALEKS (4/2) in two 45 minute segments.
6Q PLANET OF FIRE (4) Peter Grimwade Peri joins. Kamelion
destroyed. Turlough leaves.

Colin Baker is The Doctor

6S THE TWIN DILEMMA (4) Anthony Stevens

Twenty-second season - January 5, 1985 to March 30, 1985
Producer: John Nathan-Turner
Script Editor: Eric Saward

All stories shown in 45 minute segments.

6U VENGEANCE ON VAROS (2) Philip Martin
6X MARK OF THE RANI (2) Pip and Jane Baker
6V THE TWO DOCTORS (3) Robert Holmes Appearance by Doctor
2 and Jamie.
6Y TIMELASH (2) Glen McCoy

Twenty-third Season - September 6, 1986 to December 6, 1986
Producer: John Nathan-Turner
Script Editor: Eric Saward

All stories shown in 25 minute segments.

Season title: The Trial of a Time Lord
individual story titles are working titles only

7B MINDWARP (4) Philip Martin Peri shown killed.
7C TERROR OF THE VERVOIDS (4) Pip and Jane Baker Melanie Bush joins.
7C THE ULTIMATE FOE (2) Robert Holmes, Peri's fate revealed.
Pip and Jane Baker

Sylvester McCoy is the Doctor

Twenty-fourth Season - September 7, 1987 to December 7, 1987
Producer: John Nathan-Turner
Script Editor: Andrew Cartmel

All stories shown in 25 minute segments.

7D TIME AND THE RANI (4) Pip and Jane Baker
7E PARADISE TOWERS (4) Stephen Wyatt
7G DRAGONFIRE (3) Ian Briggs Melanie leaves, Ace joins

Twenty-fifth Season - October 5, 1988 to January 4, 1989
Producer: John Nathan-Turner
Script Editor: Andrew Cartmel

All stories shown in 25 minute segments.

7L HAPPINESS PATROL (3) Graeme Curry
7K SILVER NEMESIS (3) Kevin Clarke

Twenty-sixth Season - September 6, 1989 to December 6, 1989
Producer: John Nathan-Turner
Script Editor: Andrew Cartmel

All stories shown in 25 minute segments.

7N BATTLEFIELD (4) Ben Aaronovitch Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
7Q GHOST LIGHT (3) Marc Platt
7M CURSE OF FENRIC (4) Ian Briggs
7P SURVIVAL (3) Rona Munroe

Paul McGann is the Doctor
Television Movie - Showed in May, 1996 in North America, UK
Producers: Peter Ware, Matthew Jacobs, Alex Beaton,
Philip Seagal, Jo Wright

DOCTOR WHO: THE ENEMY WITHIN Matthew Jacobs Introduction of 8th

FAQ Part 3 of 7 Main Index 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Newsgroups: rec.arts.drwho
Subject: FAQ Part 3 of 7 - Books
From: (Siobahn Morgan)
Date: 1 Jun 96 10:27:03 -0500

FAQ Part 3 of 3

This section of the FAQ was compiled, slaved over, and painstakingly
updated by Shannon Patrick Sullivan

Books related to Doctor Who - "to read more about it, ..."

Section 1. New Adventures
Section 2. Missing Adventures
Section 3. Novelizations of Television Episodes
Section 4. Other books related to Doctor Who

Section 1. New Adventures - updated as new books are published, currently
one every month.

Title Author ISBN # or release date
Timewyrm Series:
Genesys John Peel 0 426 20355 0
Exodus Terrance Dicks 0 426 20357 7
Apocalypse Nigel Robinson 0 426 20359 3
Revelation Paul Cornell 0 426 20360 6

Cat's Cradle Series:
Time's Crucible Marc Platt 0 426 20365 8
Warhead Andrew Cartmel 0 426 20367 4
Witch Mark Andrew Hunt 0 426 20368 2

Nightshade Mark Gatiss 0 426 20376 3

Future History Cycle:
Love And War Paul Cornell 0 426 20385 2
Transit Ben Aaronovitch 0 426 20384 4
The Highest Science Gareth Roberts 0 426 20377 1
The Pit Neil Penswick 0 426 20378 x
Deceit Peter Darvill-Evans 0 426 20362 3
Lucifer Rising Jim Mortimore and 0 426 20388 7
Andy Lane
White Darkness David A. McIntee 0 426 20395 x
Shadowmind Christopher Bulis 0 426 20394 1

Birthright Nigel Robinson 0 426 20393 3
Iceberg David Banks 0 426 20392 5

Alternative Universe Cycle:
Bloodheat Jim Mortimore 0 426 20399 2
The Dimension Riders Daniel Blythe 0 426 20397 6
The Left-Handed Kate Orman 0 426 20404 2
Conundrum Steve Lyons 0 426 20408 5
No Future Paul Cornell 0 426 20409 3

Tragedy Day Gareth Roberts 0 426 20410 7
Legacy Gary Russell 0 426 20412 3
Theatre of War Justin Richards 0 426 20414 X
All-Consuming Fire Andy Lane 0 426 20415 8
Blood Harvest Terrance Dicks 0 426 20417 4
Strange England Simon Messingham 0 426 20419 0
First Frontier David McIntee 0 426 20421 2
St. Anthony's Fire Mark Gatiss 0 426 20423 9
Falls the Shadow Daniel O'Mahony 0 426 20427 1
Parasite Jim Mortimore 0 426 20425 5
Warlock Andrew Cartmel 0 426 20433 6
Set Piece Kate Orman 0 426 20436 0
Infinite Requiem Daniel Blythe 0 426 20437 9
Sanctuary David A. McIntee 0 426 20439 5
Human Nature Paul Cornell 0 426 20443 3
Original Sin Andy Lane 0 426 20444 1
Sky Pirates! Dave Stone 0 426 20446 8
Zamper Gareth Roberts 0 426 20433 6
Toy Soldiers Paul Leonard 0 426 20452 2
Head Games Steve Lyons 0 426 20454 9
The Also People Ben Aaronovitch 0 426 20456 5
Shakedown Terrance Dicks 0 426 20459 X
Just War Lance Parkin 0 426 20463 8
Warchild Andrew Cartmel 0 426 20464 6
Sleepy Kate Orman 0 426 20465 4
Death and Diplomacy Dave Stone 0 426 20468 9
Happy Endings Paul Cornell 0 426 20470 0
GodEngine Craig Hinton 0 426 20473 5
Christmas on a Lawrence Miles 0 426 20476 X
Rational Planet
Return of the Living Kate Orman 0 426 20482 4
The Death of Art Simon Bucher-Jones 0 426 20481 6
Damaged Goods Russell T. Davies
So Vile a Sin Ben Aaronovitch
Bad Therapy Matthew Jones

Section 2. Missing Adventures - updated as new books are published,
currently one a month.

Title Author ISBN #
Goth Opera (5, Nyssa, Tegan) Paul Cornell 0 426 20418 2
Evolution (4, Sarah Jane) John Peel 0 426 20422 0
Venusian Lullaby (1, Ian, Barbara) Paul Leonard 0 426 20424 7
The Crystal Bucephalus (5, Tegan
Turlough, Kamelion) Craig Hinton 0 426 20429 8
State of Change (6, Peri) Christopher Bulis 0 426 20431 X
Romance of Crime (4, Romana2, K9) Gareth Roberts 0 426 20435 2
The Ghosts of N-Space (3, Sarah) Barry Letts 0 426 20434 4
Time of Your Life (6) Steven Lyons 0 426 20438 7
Dancing the Code (3, Jo, UNIT) Paul Leonard 0 426 20441 7
The Menagerie (2, Jamie, Zoe) Martin Day 0 426 20449 2
System Shock (4, Sarah Jane) Justin Richards 0 426 20445 X
Sorcerer's Apprentice (1, Ian,
Barbara, Susan) Christopher Bulis 0 426 20447 6
Invasion of the Cat-People (2, Gary Russell 0 426 20440 9
Ben, Polly)
Managra (4, Sarah Jane) Stephen Marley 0 426 20453 0
Millennial Rites (6, Mel) Craig Hinton 0 426 20455 7
The Empire of Glass (1, Steven, Andy Lane 0 426 20457 3
Lords of the Storm (5, Turlough) David A. McIntee 0 426 20460 3
Downtime (2, Jamie, Victoria) Marc Platt 0 426 20462 X
The Man in the Velvet Mask (1, Daniel O'Mahoney 0 426 20461 1
The English Way of Death (4, Gareth Roberts 0 426 20466 2
Romana2, K9)
The Eye of the Giant (3, Liz, UNIT) Christopher Bulis 0 426 20469 7
The Sands of Time (5, Tegan, Nyssa) Justin Richards 0 426 20472 7
Killing Ground (6th,Grant) Steve Lyons 0 426 20474 3
Scales of Injustice (3, Liz, UNIT) Gary Russell 0 426 20477 8
Shadow of Weng Chiang (4th, Romana, David McIntee 0 426 20478 6
Twilight of the Gods (2, Jamie Christopher Bulis 0 426 20480 8
Speed of Flight (3, Jo, Mike Yates) Paul Leonard
The Plotters (1,Ian, Barbara,Vicki) Gareth Roberts
Cold Fusion (5,Tegan,Nyssa,Adric Lance Parkin
plus 7, Chris, Roz)

Section 3. Doctor Who Novelizations - based upon episodes of the
television show (and other sources) - some of these may be out of print.

Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: The Abominable Snowmen [1974] [#1]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who and the Android Invasion [1978] [#2]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who and the Androids of Tara [1980] [#3]
Ian Marter Doctor Who: The Ark in Space [1991] [#4]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who and the Armageddon Factor [1980] [#5]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: The Auton Invasion [1974] [#6]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: The Brain of Morbius [1977] [#7]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: Carnival of Monsters [1993] [#8]
Malcolm Hulke Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters [1974] [#9]
(retitled: Doctor Who: The Silurians)
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who and the Claws of Axos [1977] [#10]
David Fisher Doctor Who and the Creature from the Pit [1981] [#11]
David Whitaker Doctor Who and the Crusaders [1965] [#12]
Brian Hayles Doctor Who: The Curse of Peladon [1974] [#13]
Gerry Davis Doctor Who and the Cybermen [1974] [#14]
Barry Letts Doctor Who: The Daemons [1974] [#15]
David Whitaker Doctor Who: The Daleks [1964] [#16]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: The Dalek Invasion of Earth [1977] [#17]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: Day of the Daleks [1974] [#18]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who and the Deadly Assassin [1977] [#19]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: Death to the Daleks [1978] [#20]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: Destiny of the Daleks [1979] [#21]
Malcolm Hulke Doctor Who and The Dinosaur Invasion [1976] [#22]
(retitled: Doctor Who: Invasion of the Dinosaurs)
Malcolm Hulke Doctor Who and The Doomsday Weapon [1974] [#23]
Ian Marter Doctor Who: The Enemy of the World 1981] [#24]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: The Face of Evil [1978] [#25]
Andrew Smith Doctor Who: Full Circle [1982] [#26]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks [1976] [#27]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who and the Giant Robot [1975] [#28]
(retitled: Doctor Who: Robot)
Malcolm Hulke Doctor Who and the Green Death [1979] [#29]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who and the Hand of Fear [1979] [#30]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who and the Horns of Nimon [1980] [#31]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who and the Horror of Fang Rock [1978] [#32]
Brian Hayles Doctor Who and the Ice Warriors [1976] [#33]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who and the Image of the Fendahl [1979] [#34]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who and the Invasion of Time [1980] [#35]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who and the Invisible Enemy [1979] [#36]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: The Keeper of Traken [1982] [#37]
Philip Hinchliffe Doctor Who and the Keys of Marinus [1980] [#38]
David Fisher Doctor Who: The Leisure Hive [1982] [#39]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who and the Loch Ness Monster [1976] [#40]
(retitled: Doctor Who: Terror of the Zygons)
Chris Bidmead Doctor Who: Logopolis [1983] [#41]
Philip Hinchliffe Doctor Who: The Masque of Mandragora [1977] [#42]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: The Monster of Peladon [1980] [#43]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who and the Mutants [1977] [#44]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who and the Nightmare of Eden [1980] [#45]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: Planet of the Daleks [1976] [#46]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who and the Planet of Evil [1977] [#47]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: Planet of the Spiders [1975] [#48]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who and the Power of Kroll [1980] [#49]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: Pyramids of Mars [1976] [#50]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: Revenge of the Cybermen [1976] [#51]
Ian Marter Doctor Who and the Ribos Operation [1979] [#52]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: The Robots of Death [1979] [#53]
Malcolm Hulke Doctor Who: The Sea Devils [1974] [#54]
Philip Hinchliffe Doctor Who and the Seeds of Doom [1977] [#55]
Ian Marter Doctor Who and the Sontaran Experiment [1978] [#56]
Malcolm Hulke Doctor Who and the Space War [1976] [#57]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who and the State of Decay [1981] [#58]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who and the Stones of Blood [1980] [#59]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who and the Sunmakers [1982] [#60]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: The Talons of Weng-Chiang [1977] [#61]
Gerry Davis Doctor Who: The Tenth Planet [1976] [#62]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who and the Terror of the Autons [1975] [#63]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: The Three Doctors [1975] [#64]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: The Time Warrior [1978] [#65]
Gerry Davis Doctor Who: Tomb of the Cybermen [1978] [#66]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who and the Underworld [1980] [#67]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: An Unearthly Child [1981] [#68]
Eric Saward Doctor Who: The Visitation [1982] [#69]
Malcolm Hulke Doctor Who: The War Games [1979] [#70]
John Lydecker Doctor Who and Warriors' Gate [1981] [#71]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: The Web of Fear [1976] [#72]
Bill Strutton Doctor Who and The Zarbi [1965] [#73]
(retitled: Doctor Who: The Web Planet)
Peter Grimwade Doctor Who: Time-Flight [1983] [#74]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: Meglos [1983] [#75]
Chris Bidmead Doctor Who: Castrovalva [1983] [#76]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: Four to Doomsday [1983] [#77]
Ian Marter Doctor Who: Earthshock [1983] [#78]
John Lydecker Doctor Who: Terminus [1983] [#79]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: Arc of Infinity [1983] [#80]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: The Five Doctors [1983] [#81]
Peter Grimwade Doctor Who: Mawdryn Undead [1983] [#82]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: Snakedance [1984] [#83]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: Kinda [1983] [#84]
Barbara Clegg Doctor Who: Enlightenment [1984] [#85]
Ian Marter Doctor Who: The Dominators [1984] [#86]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: Warriors of the Deep [1984] [#87]
John Lucarotti Doctor Who: The Aztecs [1984] [#88]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: Inferno [1984] [#89]
Gerry Davis Doctor Who: The Highlanders [1984] [#90]
Chris Bidmead Doctor Who: Frontios [1984] [#91]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: The Caves of Androzani [1984] [#92]
Chris Bidmead Doctor Who: Planet of Fire [1984] [#93]
John Lucarotti Doctor Who: Marco Polo [1984] [#94]
Eric Pringle Doctor Who: The Awakening [1985] [#95]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: The Mind of Evil [1985] [#96]
Donald Cotton Doctor Who: The Myth Makers [1985] [#97]
Ian Marter Doctor Who: The Invasion [1985] [#98]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: The Krotons [1985] [#99]
Robert Holmes Doctor Who: The Two Doctors [1985] [#100]
Donald Cotton Doctor Who: The Gunfighters [1985] [#101]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: The Time Monster [1985] [#102]
Eric Saward Doctor Who: The Twin Dilemma [1985] [#103]
William Emms Doctor Who: Galaxy Four [1985] [#104]
Glen McCoy Doctor Who: Timelash [1985] [#105]
Philip Martin Doctor Who: Vengeance on Varos [1985] [#106]
Pip & Jane Baker Doctor Who: The Mark of the Rani [1985] [#107]
Terence Dudley Doctor Who: The King's Demons [1986] [#108]
Ian Stewart Black Doctor Who: The Savages [1986] [#109]
Victor Pemberton Doctor Who: Fury from the Deep [1986] [#110]
Davis, & Bingeman Doctor Who: The Celestial Toymaker [1986] [#111]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: The Seeds of Death [1986] [#112]
Terence Dudley Doctor Who: Black Orchid [1986] [#113]
Paul Erickson Doctor Who: The Ark [1986] [#114]
Peter Ling Doctor Who: The Mind Robber [1986] [#115]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: The Faceless Ones [1986] [#116]
Glyn Jones Doctor Who: The Space Museum [1987] [#117]
Nigel Robinson Doctor Who: The Sensorites [1987] [#118]
Ian Marter Doctor Who: The Reign of Terror [1987] [#119]
Donald Cotton Doctor Who: The Romans [1987] [#120]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: The Ambassadors of Death [1987] [#121]
John Lucarotti Doctor Who: The Massacre [1987] [#122]
Ian Stuart Black Doctor Who: The Macra Terror [1987] [#123]
Ian Marter Doctor Who: The Rescue [1987] [#124]
Pip and Jane Baker Doctor Who: Terror of the Vervoids [1987] [#125]
Nigel Robinson Doctor Who: The Time Meddler [1987] [#126]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: The Mysterious Planet [1987] [#127]
Pip and Jane Baker Doctor Who: Time and the Rani [1987] [#128]
Nigel Robinson Doctor Who: The Underwater Menace [1988] [#129]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: The Wheel in Space [1988] [#130]
Pip and Jane Baker Doctor Who: The Ultimate Foe [1988] [#131]
Nigel Robinson Doctor Who: The Edge of Destruction [1988] [#132]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: The Smugglers [1988] [#133]
Stephen Wyatt Doctor Who: Paradise Towers [1989] [#134]
Malcolm Kohill Doctor Who: Delta and the Bannermen [1989] [#135]
Ian Stuart Black Doctor Who: The War Machines [1989] [#136]
Ian Briggs Doctor Who: Dragonfire [1989] [#137]
Eric Saward Doctor Who: Attack of the Cybermen [1989] [#138]
Philip Martin Doctor Who: Mindwarp [1989] [#139]
John Peel Doctor Who: The Chase [1989] [#140]
John Peel Doctor Who: Mission to the Unknown (The Daleks'
Master Plan Part I) [1989] [#141]
John Peel Doctor Who: The Mutation of Time (The Daleks' Master
Plan Part II) [1989] [#142]
Kevin Clarke Doctor Who: Silver Nemesis [1989] [#143]
Stephen Wyatt Doctor Who: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy [1989] [#144]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: Planet of Giants [1990] [#145]
Graeme Curry Doctor Who: The Happiness Patrol [#146]
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who: The Space Pirates [#147]
Ben Aaronovitch Doctor Who: Remembrance of the Daleks [1990] [#148]
Marc Platt Doctor Who: Ghost Light [1990] [#149]
Rona Munro Doctor Who: Survival [1990] [#150]
Ian Briggs Doctor Who: The Curse of Fenric [1990] [#151]
Marc Platt Doctor Who: Battlefield [#152]
Victor Pemberton Doctor Who: The Pescatons [1991] [#153]
John Peel Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks [1993] [#154]
John Peel Doctor Who: The Evil of the Daleks [1993] [#155]
Barry Letts Doctor Who: The Paradise of Death [1994][#156]

Section 4. Other Doctor Who Books - both fiction and non-fiction, some may
be out of print.

Gary Russell Doctor Who - Novel of the Film [1996]
?? Doctor Who - The Script [1996]
Gary Russell Scales of Injustice [1996]
Lyons, Howarth Doctor Who-The Completely Useless Encyclopaedia [1996]
David J. Howe Doctor Who - Memories and Magic [1996]
Howe, Walker The Third Doctor Handbook [1996]
Howe, Stammers, Walker Doctor Who: The Eighties [1996]
Aldred, Tucker Ace! [1996]
Lance Parkin Doctor Who - A History of the Universe [1996]
Various Authors Drabble Who [1993,1995?]
Airey & Haldeman Travel Without the TARDIS [] [NF]
Tony Attwood Companions: Turlough and the Earthlink Dilemma [1986]
David Banks Doctor Who: Cybermen [1988,1990][NF]
Jeremy Bentham Doctor Who: The Early Years [1986] [NF]
Anthony Coburn Script Book: The Tribe of Gum [1988] [NF]
Script Book: The Masters of Luxor [1992] [NF]
Cornell, Day and Topping
The Discontinuity Guide [1995] [NF]
Davis and Pedler Script Book: The Tomb of the Cybermen [1989] [NF]
Terrance Dicks Junior Doctor Who and the Brain of Morbius []
Junior Doctor Who and the Giant Robot [1979]
Dalek Omnibus [1976] [NF]
Adventures of K9 and Other Mechanical Creatures [1979][NF]
Doctor Who Dinosaur Book [1976] [NF]
The Second Doctor Who Monster Book [] [NF]
Terry Nation's Dalek Special [1979] [NF]
Dicks & Hulke The Making of Doctor Who [1972,1976] [NF]
Gary Downie The Doctor Who Cookbook [1986] [NF]
Terence Dudley Companions: K-9 and Company [1987]
Joy Gammon The Doctor Who Pattern Book [1986] [NF]
Peter Haining The Doctor Who File [1986] [NF]
Doctor Who: The Key to Time [1984] [NF]
Doctor Who: A Celebration [1983] [NF]
Doctor Who: The Time Traveler's Guide [1987] [NF]
Mark Harris Build the Tardis [] [NF]
Doctor Who Technical Manual [1983?] [NF]
Adrian Heath Doctor Who: Brain Teasers & Mindbenders [] [NF]
Robert Holmes Script Book: The Talons of Weng-Chiang [1989] [NF]
David J. Howe Doctor Who: Timeframe [1993] [NF]
Howe & Stammers Doctor Who: Companions [1993] [NF]
Doctor Who: Companions [1996] - reissue with more!
Howe, Stammers and Walker
The Fourth Doctor Handbook [1992] [NF]
The Sixth Doctor Handbook [1993] [NF]
The First Doctor Who Handbook [1994] [NF]
Doctor Who: The Sixties [1993] [NF]
Doctor Who: The Seventies [1995] [NF]
Mat Irvine Doctor Who Special Effects [] [NF]
Barry Letts Doctor Who: The Paradise of Death [1994]
Jean-Marc Lofficier Programme Guide Vol. 1 [1981] [NF]
Programme Guide Vol. 2 [1981] [NF]
Programme Guide [1989] [NF]
The Terrestrial Index [1990] [NF]
The Universal Databank [1991] [NF]
Ian Marter Companions: Harry Sullivan's War [1986]
John Nathan-Turner Doctor Who: The TARDIS Inside Out [1986] [NF]
Doctor Who: The Companions [1986] [NF]
Terry Nation Script Book: The Daleks [1989] [NF]
John Peel Doctor Who: The Gallifrey Chronicles [1991] [NF]
Marc Platt Script Book: Ghost Light [1993] [NF]
Quinn & Howett Doctor Who Fun Book [1987] [NF]
Second Doctor Who Fun Book [1988] [NF]
Nigel Robinson Doctor Who Quiz Book [] [NF]
Second Doctor Who Quiz Book [] [NF]
Third Doctor Who Quiz Book [] [NF]
Doctor Who Crossword Book [] [NF]
David Saunders Encyclopedia: The World of Doctor Who Vol. 1 [] [NF]
Eric Saward Slipback [1986]
Andrew Skilleter Timeview: The Works of Frank Bellamy [] [NF]
Doctor Who: Monsters [NF]
Lesley Standring Doctor Who Illustrated [1985] [NF]
Stammers, Walker Decalog [1994]
Decalog 2: Lost Property [1995]
Richards, Lane Decalog III - Consequences [1996]
Tulloch & Alvarado Doctor Who: The Unfolding Text [1984] [NF]

End of FAQ part 3

FAQ Part 4 of 7 Main Index 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Newsgroups: rec.arts.drwho
Subject: FAQ Part 4 of 7 - Videos
From: (Siobahn Morgan)
Date: 1 Jun 96 10:27:20 -0500

FAQ for rec.arts.drwho
Part 4

Videos related to Doctor Who - updated June 1, 1996

Information compiled together by Steven K. Manfred (
and Daniel O'Malley (new e-mail: ) then mixed and
seasoned to taste by Siobahn (Shabang) Morgan (send all complaints, updates
to her please -

Sections of the FAQ are
0. Where can I get videos from? What will it cost me?
1. Episodes of the original show compiled together
2. Special Combinations/Compilations of shows
3. Bill Baggs Productions (Stranger Videos, etc)
4. Mythmaker Series (Interviews)
5. Feature films on Video (Peter Cushing, Paul McGann Films)

FAQ 0.1. I want to buy Doctor Who on video. Where do I go?

Many Doctor Who videos have been released in the UK under the BBC Video banner, and more are coming out all the time. CBS/Fox in the US follows behind them, and has to date released about two-thirds of the UK available titles. It is through CBS/Fox that you can buy Doctor Who videos in the US. A good place to look is Suncoast Video or a Sam Goody, or any video retail store with a nice science fiction section. If there is no such place in your area, ask what stores you do have to to do a special order for you. They should be able to get the title you want at the regular price if you can provide the full title, label (CBS/Fox Video), and catalog number. All this information is provided below.

Availability of Videos is not promised - these things come and go, but the vast majority of this data was obtained from the catalogue for the Science Fiction Continuum, whose address is given below:

Science Fiction Continuum
(a Division of S & J Productions, Inc.)
P.O. Box 154
Colonia N.J. 07067-0154
Tel order:1-800-232-6002
FAX order:1-908-755-2886

Another excellent source is 800-TREKKER, whose address is

PO Box 13131, Dept. T-2
Reading PA 19612-3131
or 610-373-7100
or 610-992-1900

In the UK, the following sources have BBC videos

BBC Video
P. O. Box 100,
Bristol BS19 1AN, England

While there is also a general mail-order firm at

John Fitton (Books and magazines)
1 Orchard Way
Near Goole
North Humberside DN14 0RT

and also at:
The Sheffield Space Centre
33 The Wicker
Sheffield S3 8HS
tel: (0742) 758905
Send an A5 SAE to recieve a full catalogue

In Canada:
Quantum Matrix Video
58 Penwick Crescent
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4C 5B4 Canada

In Australia:
Head of Marketing (Video) For non-BBC Videos:
Polygram ATVS-XL5
Unit A 9 Cleveland Street
122 McEvoy St Dianella WA 6062, Australia
Alexandria, NSW 2015, Australia
Tel: (612) 318-8666
FAX: (612) 319-4758

In New Zealand:
Freepost 5049
P.O. Box 8641
Symonds Street

FAQ 0.2 What videos can I get? How much will they cost me?

Below is a listing of all the commercially available Doctor Who videos in their chronological order in the TV series. THIS LIST APPLIES TO NORTH AMERICA ONLY. There are more videos than this listing available in the UK. CBS/Fox has not quite caught up with BBC Video, but they're working at it. (by the way, if you send them any requests, please remember that they can only choose from those videos already out in the UK) Prices on a normal single tape of a story are usually $19.99. If the story is longer and needed two volumes, the price is usually $29.99. Any exceptions are pointed out in the listings.

FAQ 1.0 - Videos based upon the original broadcast shows

Videos with months instead of catalog numbers are slated to come out in
that month and their numbers are not yet known.
CC = closed captioned SS = stereo sound E = episode format

Cat.# Title Notes
3401 An Unearthly Child $19.99 E
8253 The Daleks 2 volumes - $29.99 E
8100 The Aztecs $19.99 E
5947 The Dalek Invasion of Earth 2 volumes - $29.99 E
8338 The Rescue/The Romans $29.99
8142 The Web Planet $19.99 E
4795 The Daleks Limited Edition Boxed Set 2 volumes/2 stories - $39.99 E
contains: The Chase &
Remembrance of the Daleks <- see Sylvster McCoy section for details

5731 The Tomb of the Cybermen $19.99 E
8141 The Dominators $19.99 E
5945 The Mind Robber $19.99 E
8251 The Invasion 6 existing episodes of 8, narrated
by Nicholas Courtney, 2 vol. $29.99 E
8143 The Krotons $19.99 E
3716 The Seeds of Death $19.99 CC
3400 The War Games 2 vol. $29.99 E

starring JON PERTWEE
5421 Spearhead from Space $19.99
8256 Doctor Who and the Silurians restored color version, 2 vol. $29.99 E
8292 Inferno $29.99 (2 tapes) E CC
8254 Terror of the Autons restored color version $19.99 E
Jun 96 Claws of Axos $19.99
4791 The Daemons restored color version $19.99 E
5092 Day of the Daleks $19.99 CC
8291 Curse of Peladon $19.99 E CC
3405 The Three Doctors $19.99 E
8336 Carnival of Monsters $19.99 E CC
8337 Frontier in Space $19.99 E CC
5423 The Time Warrior $19.99 CC
5093 Death to the Daleks $19.99 CC
8105 Planet of the Spiders $19.99 E

starring TOM BAKER
8103 Robot $19.99 E
5420 The Ark in Space $19.99
5946 The Sontaran Experiment /
Genesis of the Daleks 2 stories / 2 volumes - $29.99 E
3714 Revenge of the Cybermen $19.99 CC
5422 Terror of the Zygons $19.99
Jun 96 Planet of Evil $19.99
3713 Pyramids of Mars $19.99 2 minutes cut CC
8334 Android Invasion $19.99 E CC
3715 The Brain of Morbius $19.99 30 minutes cut CC
8294 The Seeds of Doom $19.99 E CC
5948 The Masque of Mandragora $19.99 E
5419 The Deadly Assassin $19.99 CC
3726 The Robots of Death $19.99 CC
5094 The Talons of Weng-Chiang $19.99 fight scene reedited CC
Jun 96 Image of the Fendahl $19.99
8339 Stones of Blood $19.99 E CC
8335 Androids of Tara $19.99 E CC
8102 City of Death $19.99 E
5730 Shada missing segments narrated by T.Baker
$19.99 E
5944 The Keeper of Traken $19.99 E
4792 Logopolis $19.99 E

4794 Castrovalva $19.99 E
Jun 96 Kinda $19.99
Jun 96 The Visitation/Black Orchid $29.99 - 2 cassettes
3492 Earthshock $19.99 E
8290 Arc of Infinity $19.99 E CC
5949 Mawdryn Undead $19.99 E
8101 Terminus $19.99 E
8145 Enlightenment $19.99 E
3717 The Five Doctors $19.99 2 mins. cut CC
8104 Resurrection of the Daleks $19.99 E
5733 The Caves of Androzani $19.99 E

starring COLIN BAKER
3491 The Twin Dilemma $19.99 E
8252 Vengeance on Varos $19.99 E
8255 The Two Doctors $19.99 E
4790 The Trial of a Time Lord 3 volumes $49.99 E CC

8295 Time and the Rani $19.99 (includes a US cut scene where
the TARDIS is shot down) E CC
4795 Remembrance of the Daleks E SS
- available only in The Daleks Limited Edition Boxed Set (above)
8146 Silver Nemesis / The Making of Doctor Who
$19.99 E SS, 11 minutes added,
Jun 96 Ghost Light $19.99
3404 The Curse of Fenric $19.99 E SS, 7 minutes added

FAQ 2.0 Special Compilations, Combination video sets

3403 The Hartnell Years $19.99 clips and 3 episodes:
hosted by Sylvester McCoy 1) unaired pilot, 2) The Crusade pt.3,
3) The Celestial Toymaker pt.4
3402 The Troughton Years $19.99 clips and 3 episodes:
hosted by Jon Pertwee 1) The Abominable Snowmen pt. 2,
2) The Enemy of the World pt. 3,
3) The Space Pirates pt. 2
5732 The Pertwee Years $19.99 clips and 3 episodes:
hosted by Jon Pertwee 1) Inferno pt. 7, 2) Frontier in Space
pt. 6, 3) The Daemons pt. 5 in b&w
3493 The Tom Baker Years $29.99 clips of all Tom Baker
hosted by Tom Baker stories - he shares his memories
2 volumes
8144 The Colin Baker Years $19.99 clips of all Colin Baker
hosted by Colin Baker stories - he shares his memories
4793 Daleks - the Early Years $19.99 clips, interviews, and 3 eps:
hosted by Peter Davison 1) The Daleks' Masterplan pts. 5, 10
2) The Evil of the Daleks pt. 2
3494 Cybermen - the Early Years $19.99 clips, interviews, and 4 eps:
hosted by Colin Baker 1) The Moonbase pts. 2, 4
2) The Wheel in Space pts. 3, 6
8293 More than Thirty Years in the $19.99 extended version of the
TARDIS documentary "Thirty Years in the Tardis"

???? The Doctors: 30 Years of Time Travel

*Spearhead from Space does have _one_ cut to the soundtrack. A guitar
riff from a Fleetwood Mac song was too expensive to leave in and so it was

FAQ 3.0 Independent Videos - includes Bill Baggs and other's productions

These can be ordered from the following:
53 South Road
Nottingham NG9 1LY

Compilations of the videos can be obtained from:
Pickwick Video
Pickwick Group Ltd.
Pickwick House
Elstree Road
Elstree Herts. WD8 3BS

The Stranger Videos - Title may be prefaced with "The Stranger:"

Summoned by Shadows (Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Michael Wisher)
More than a Messiah (Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Sophie Aldred)
In Memory Alone (Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Nicholas Briggs)
The Terror Game (Colin Baker, Louise Jameson, David Troughton - son
of Patrick)
Breach of the Peace (Colin Baker and Caroline John, David Troughton
Nicholas Briggs)
Eye of the Beholder 1 (Colin Baker, David Troughton, John Wadmore)
Eye of the Beholder 2

Other Baggs Videos

The Airzone Solution (Colin Baker, Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy,
Jon Pertwee, Nicola Bryant, Michael Wisher, Nicholas Briggs)
The Zero Imperative (Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Jon Pertwee,
Sophie Aldred, Louise Jameson, Caroline John)
Devil of Winterbourne (1,2) (Peter Davison, Caroline John, Louise Jameson)

Related Video

Stranger than Fiction - about the making of the Airzone Solution,
with behind the scenes footage.

Shakedown: Return of the Sontarans

Title says it all - stars Sophie Aldred, Carole Ann Ford from Doctor Who
and Jan Chappel and Brian Croucher from Blake's 7 - 60 minutes
Available from Science Fiction Continuum (address near the top)
Made by DreamWatch Media

Downtime -
The Doctor Who spin-off video drama, starring Nicholas Courtney as
the Brigadier, Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah-Jane Smith, Deborah Watling as
Victoria Waterfield and Jack Watling as Professor Travers
and featuring Geoffrey Beevers and John Leeson.

Written by Marc Platt; directed by Christopher Barry (or is it
Barrie? never can remember). Available from UK video outlets,
or from Dominitemporal Services Ltd (see Panopticon ad for
address), or direct from ReelTime. Available in the US from
S&J and possibly other outlets.

For more info, contact:
P.O. Box 1015
Brighton BN2 2YU

FAQ 4.0 - Mythmaker Series Interview Videos

Can be obtained from the following:

ReelTime Pictures:
70/72 Union Street
London SE1 0NW
Tel: (071) 620 3102

The videos include the following:
Anneke Wills - Polly
Barry Letts/Terrance Dicks - 2 parter, Producer, script writer
Carole Ann Ford - Susan
Caroline John - Liz Shaw
Colin Baker - 6th Doctor
David Banks - Cyberman/Cyberleader
Deborah Watling - Victoria
Another Deborah Watling Video is also available
Fraser Hines - Jamie
Ian Marter/John Leeson - Harry Sullivan/Voice of K-9
I was a Doctor Who Monster - actors who played various monsters
Jackie Lane - Dodo
Janet Fielding/Michael Wisher - Teegan/Voice of Davros
Jon Pertwee - 3rd Doctor
John Nathan Turner - Doctor Who Producer
Louise Jameson - Leela
Marval Comics - Making of the Doctor Who Magazine/Comics
Mary Tamm - Romana I
Men From U.N.I.T. - John Levene (Sgt. Benton), Nicholas
Courtney (Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart)
Myth Runner - Out-takes and Best of compilation
Nicholas Courtney - the Brigadier
Nicola Bryant/Michael Craze - Peri/Ben
Peter Purves/John Leeson - The Master and Voice of K-9
Return to Devil's End - Jon Pertwee, John Levene, Nick
Courtney, Richard Franklin recall filming Daemons
Richard Franklin - Captain Yates
Sarah Sutton/Peter Grimwade - Nyssa/Production assistant,
Sophie Aldred - Ace
Sylvester McCoy - 7th Doctor
Tom Baker - 4th Doctor
Victor Pemberton - Scipt editor, writer
Wartime - John Levene, with convention footage of
Patrick Troughton, Colin Baker, Tom Baker, Jon Pertwee
and Peter Davison
Wendy Padbury - Zoe
Who on Earth is Tom Baker - 4th Doctor interviewing himself
Woman of the 60's: The Hartnell Era - includes Carol Ann Ford
(Susan) and Jackie Lane (Dodo)
Women of the 60's: The Troughton Era - includes Deborah
Watling (Victoria) and Wendy Padbury (Zoe)

FAQ 5.0 - Feature Films available on Video

Dr Who and the Daleks - Peter Cushing feature film based upon the
Hartnell episode The Daleks. Filmed in 1965.

Dalek Invasion: 2150 AD - Peter Cushing feature film based
upon the Hartnell episode Dalek Invasion of Earth.

Doctor Who: The Enemy Within - Paul McGann in television movie (1996)
which is a continuation of the series. Currently available only
in the UK (June 1996)

end of FAQ #4

FAQ Part 5 of 7 Main Index 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Newsgroups: rec.arts.drwho
Subject: FAQ Part 5 of 7 - Broadcasting information
From: (Siobahn Morgan)
Date: 1 Jun 96 10:27:39 -0500


What follows is a list of all known tv stations that are currently broadcasting Doctor Who. The broadcast times are local to the station broadcasting. If you have any suggestions or find any errors I would prefer if you send me e-mail telling me what to change, add, any suggestions, etc.

Siobahn (Shabang) Morgan

DrWho Broadcast List
United Kingdom

UK Gold - cable/satellite subscription 9:00 AM Sunday.


BBC Prime - Saturday 16:50 and Sunday 16:50,
repeats Monday 23:30, Tuesday 23:30 and the following
Saturday 9:55, and Sunday 10:05, episode format

United States of America

State Station Broadcast Time (local)

Arizona KUAT-TV Tucson Saturday 10pm, movie format
California KTEH San Jose Sundays 11pm, episode format
KRCB Sonoma Saturday 10pm, movie format
Colorado KBDI Broomfield/Denver Saturday 10pm, episode format
Fridays 11pm repeat
Florida WMFE Orlando Saturday 4pm (Discontinuing soon)
WXEL Boyton Beach Saturday, 10pm, 4-5 episodes
WUSF Tampa Bay Saturday, Sunday, 11:00 pm, movie format
Illinois WILL Champaign Saturday, 10:30 pm, episode
Indiana WFYI Indianapolis Sunday 2pm, movie format
WFWA Fort Wayne Saturday 10:30pm, movie format
WNIT South Bend Fridays 11:30pm, movie format
Iowa IPTV Friday 11:05 pm, movie format
Kansas KPTS Wichita Sunday, 10:00 PM, movie format
Kentucky WKPC Louisville Saturday 10:00pm, movie format
Louisiana LPB Saturday 10:30pm
Maryland MPTV Saturday 11 or 11:30pm, movie format
New Hampshire NHPT Friday 10pm
Ohio WCET Cincinnati Saturday 10pm
Pennsylvania WVIA Scranton/Wilkes Barre/Hazleton
Saturday 11:30pm, movie format
Washington KBTC Tacoma Saturday 8pm, 12am, and
Monday, movie format
KSPS Spokane Saturday 10:30 pm, movie format

FAQ Part 6 of 7 Main Index 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Newsgroups: rec.arts.drwho
Subject: FAQ Part 6 of 7 - Convention information
From: (Siobahn Morgan)
Date: 1 Jun 96 10:28:06 -0500

Doctor Who Conventions (listing and info as of June 1, 1996)

Information on
Icon '96 (Llandudno, North Wales, UK, Aug. 1996)
Panoptican '96 (Coventry, UK, Oct. 1996)
Who's 7 (Ashford, UK, Oct. 1996)
Whovention III (Sydney Australia, Oct. 1996)
Visions 96 (Chicago, US, Nov. 1996)
Gallifrey '97 (Los Angeles, USA, Feb. 1997)
Infinity (Cardiff Wales, July 1998)

Icon '96
Aberconwy Conference Centre, Llandudno, North Wales, UK
August 3rd and 4th, 1996.

Colin Baker has just confirmed too ! That's three Doctors !!!!!

Confirmed guests (all subject to work commitments)

Sylvester McCoy
Colin Baker
Elisabeth Sladen
Sophie Aldred
Caroline John
Wendy Padbury
Nicola Bryant
Louise Jameson
Nicholas Courtney
John Nathan Turner

with Guest Interviewers

Paul Cornell
Gary Russell
David Howe

- Sylvester McCoy gives us the lowdown on the new Doctor Who
- Guest Panels and interviews
- Autograph and Photograph opportunities
- Displays by DAPOL featuring costumes and props from the series
(and Bessie the car !)
- Saturday Evening dinner with the Stars (request details)
- Dealers Room
- Charity auction and raffle
- Guest Walkabouts

(Adult price) Tickets are (#uk)34 for the weekend or (#uk)19 for a single day
(Under 15s) Tickets are (#uk)24 for the weekend or (#uk)15 for a single day

10% reduction for DWAS members (simply include current DWAS no.)

10% Reduction on bookings of 10 people or more for BOTH DAYS
(Offer ends June 30th)

Send Cheque (payable to "Icon '96") with two first class stamps
and details to :

Icon '96
de ja vu Promotions
18 Walford Avenue
LL18 2HL

Convention Hotline Number (01745) 343388

Or contact me (Before June 4th) for any further details - James

Panopticon '96

The Twentieth Year of the World's Premier
Doctor Who Convention

Brought to you by Dominitemporal Services Ltd, in association with the
Doctor Who Appreciation Society and Doctor Who Magazine.

Date: 5th - 6th October 1996
Location: The Hotel Leofric, Coventry, West Midlands

Ticket Prices Non-DWAS DWAS
Full Weekend (uk#)42 (uk#)39
One Day (uk#)29 (uk#)27

(if booking for one day, please specify Saturday or Sunday)

Send cheque/postal order/IMOs payable to Dominitemporal Services Ltd., to:

PO Box 7831
SW15 6YD

To claim the DWAS discount prices, please quote current membership number (reduction applies only in respect of the actual member) Accompanied children (under 12) half price. Overseas please add (uk#)1.50 to cover additional postage costs. Full details and travel directions will be supplied after registration. Book early since attendance is strictly limited to 600 persons.

For multiple bookings, please name each attendee.

--Who's 7 Strikes Back! (Who's 7 1996)--

26th/27th October 1996

Ashford International Hotel, Ashford, Kent.

Joint Blake's 7/Doctor Who convention, with "full to the brim" programme, including guests (probably) video programme (certainly) workshops, panels/debates, quiz, library, auction, art show, dealers, room, orphan zine table, and games.

Full adult registration is 40ukp until 31 May 1996.

The Ashford International is a nice venue, one of the Moat House chain. It has bars, restaurants, shops, a health club, a pool and jacuzzi. It has ceilings that do not allow the internal passage of rainwater. Rates are 42ukp for single rooms and 30ukp for twin/double/triple/quad rooms. Rates include full English breakfast and VAT. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms, tea and coffee making facilities, and TV's.

Contact: with your snail-mail address for

Or write to: Who's 7 Strikes Back!,
10 Fillebrook Hall,
Fillebrook Road,
E11 1AG England.

Anyone who was at the 1994 convention will get the forms and PR1


Whovention III

Sydney Australia
Coming on October 4-7, 1996
A 3-and-a-half day convention to commemorate 20 years of Doctor Who
With at least one overseas guest (a companion or Doctor)
Early Membership $80.00 (Aus) (Can be paid off in installments)
From the same people who brought you:
Tri(c)on with Mark Strickson (Turlough)
Whovention II with Mary Tamm and Katy Manning
Whovention I with Nicolas Courtney
Venue to be announced later
For more information contact:
g9526329@mcmail.CIS.McMaster.CA (Robert Smith?)
or (David Halfpenny)
or mail
Whovention III
PO Box 148
Gladesville NSW 2111

The Unconventional Television Convention

Dates: November 28 - December 1, 1996
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Hotel: Hyatt Regency O'Hare
9300 West Bryn Mawr Ave.
Rosemont, IL 60018
(847) 696-1234
room rate: $73 per night

Update #1
The is the 7th year for Visions, a fan-run convention that allows you to interact with your favorite celebrities from various British and American TV shows. It features multiple simultaneous autograph, photograph, and Q&A sessions, plus examples of our guests' work in several video rooms and many other activities throughout the weekend.
CONFIRMED GUESTS* (as of March 31, 1996)

Colin Baker (6th Doctor)
Philip Segal (producer, new feature coming to FOX in late May 1996)
Paul Cornell (author of 5 New Adventures books and 1 Missing Adventure)

from BABYLON 5:
Claudia Christian (Ivanova) [list of other TV/movie credits available]

*guests may cancel at any time due to conflicting professional commitments
Paul McGann (8th Doctor, coming to the FOX network in late May 1996)
Lalla Ward (Romana II)
from BABYLON 5:
Jerry Doyle (Garibaldi)
Chris Barrie (Rimmer)
Craig Charles (Lister)
from BLAKES 7:
Michael Keating (Vila)
Stephen Greif (Travis I)
Geraint Wyn Davies (Nick Knight)
from many different TV and movie roles:
Brian Blessed
We anticipate that the new Doctor Who movie starring Paul McGann, Daphne Ashbrook and Eric Roberts, will be broadcast in late May on the American FOX network. Sylvester McCoy will reprise his role as the 7th Doctor. Be sure to watch and tell all your friends to watch too! To see photos of the actors and the new logo, and to stay up-to-date with the latest info directly from the producer, Philip Segal, be sure to visit the Visions Web page at
3-day: $50 until 5-15-96 $60 until 10-31-96 $75 at the door
2-day: $40 until 5-15-96 $50 until 10-31-96 $65 at the door
1-day: $30 until 5-15-96 $40 until 10-31-96 $55 at the door
contributing [VIP] membership: $60 in addition to regular membership
(gets you into a Thursday night party with the celebrity guests)
Dealers Room Only [DRO] membership (3-day): $10 at the door
variety show ticket(s): $20 in addition to regular or DRO membership
celebrity luncheon ticket(s): $30 in addition to regular or DRO membership
fan dealer table [limit=1]: $40 in addition to regular or DRO membership
pro dealer table(s): $250 per table
supporting [non-attending] membership only: $25 [autographed program book]
t-shirts: up to XL $12 (2XL $14 3XL $16) until 10-31-96 (add $2 at the door)
visit our website for a chance to win a free Visions tee-shirt!
Note that our membership prices increase on May 15th and again on November 1st. If you're not sure whether you're going to be able to make it to the convention, but you think it's reasonably likely, we strongly suggest you sign up early. If you later find you can't make it, we'll refund all but $5 of your fee (the $5 covers postage and the like), which is cheaper than paying an extra $10-$25 for your membership if you wait until later to sign up.
regular mail:
P.O. Box 1202
Highland Park, IL 60035-1202
electronic mail:
re memberships: (Bob McLaughlin)
re guest status: (Debi Smolinske)
re video orders: (Lisa Albergo)
other queries: (George Fergus)
telephone answering machine:
world wide web:
discounted air fares to Visions are available:
800-458-9237 (Total Travel Management)
A comment we received a lot from attendees at Visions '95 was that many of you don't like the Masquerade Ball and would like to see some other type of event in its place. This year we will try something different - a Masquerade Cabaret. Similar to our Saturday night celebrity-only Variety Show, this Friday night fan-only Cabaret will give you a chance to show off your talents. Of course, if you'd rather just show off your costume, you can still do that, too. Interested? Then please send a SASE to us (P.O. Box 1202, Highland Park, IL 60035-1202), attention Jennifer Kelley, or e-mail to and we'll send you the necessary information. By the way, there will be no additional charge to attend this event. We hope to hear from lots of you and are confident that this event will become another perennial favorite of Visions attendees.

In addition to all of the other exciting events we offer at Visions, this year we plan to set aside several small meeting rooms which will remain open 24 hours a day. These rooms will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis; if you'd like to host a game, pleases stop by Ops and sign up. If you simply want to play, just drop in and see what's available.

We are again distributing The Visions Rookie Guide. It explains how and why things are done at Visions and other media and science fiction cons. If you would like to know what the difference is between a fan-run convention and a commercial convention, or what you can do to make your attendance at Visions one of the highlights of the year, please send us a business-sized SASE with postage for 2 ounces for your free copy. It is also available by e-mail from, and from the Visions Web Page at

On Saturday we have a luncheon where each celebrity hosts a table of 10 fans. The cost is $30 per person, which includes a soft drink and a limited-variety menu. Because we cannot guarantee that a particular guest will be in attendance at the convention, it will not be possible to honor any requests to be seated at a specific guest's table. Sign up early to assure your place before the available seating runs out.

On Saturday evening we present a variety show at the cost of $20 per person. This consists of a performance of some kind by each of the celebrity guests -- singing, dancing, stand-up comedy, dramatic reading, or whatever. Not everyone who attends the convention is interested in this, which is why we make it an optional event. Tickets can be obtained at the con itself, but people are let into the hall in the order their tickets were purchased, so earlier purchase by mail gets you better choice of seating.

If you want to make a presentation or host a panel discussion at Visions '96, we can provide you with a room and put you on the printed schedule. Just submit your panel request to us in writing no later than September 30, and let us know which general time of day you prefer and which of our normal activities you don't want to conflict with your event.

In addition to our two usual Video Rooms highlighting the work of our celebrity guests and other television items we think you will find of interest, we will again be offering a "Fan" Video Room. We've had a good response in previous years to fan-made versions of Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Prisoner, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and Monty Python's Flying Circus. If you have something you'd like shown in this room, please send us copy of your tape no later than October 31 so that it may be timed and scheduled. We do however reserve the right to refuse to show any video we deem unsuitable.

We still have several items which were left behind in our "Lost and Found" box after previous conventions. If you believe we might have something belonging to you, please send us a written description of the item and we"ll let you know if we have it and make arrangements to get it back to you.

Custom-assembled videotapes are available of events from Visions '90-'95. We can mail you a catalog if you send us a business-sized SASE. It is also available by e-mail from, and from the Visions Web Page at

To be removed from this electronc mailing list, either permanently or for 1996 only, send e-mail to
>< ------------------------------cut here-------------------------------------><

Send Check or Money Order to: Travel Info: (800)
P.O. Box 1202 Visions Info: (847)
Highland Park, IL 60035-1202

Enclosed is $_______for ___ __-day memberships indicate: Fri( ) Sat( ) Sun( )
plus ___variety show tickets ___luncheon tickets ___supporting memberships
___contributing memberships ___t-shirts (size_____)

Name(s): ________________________________________ Enclose SASE for info on:
Volunteering [ ]
Address: ________________________________________ Fan Dealers Room [ ]
Ordering Videotapes [ ]
_______________________________________________ Fan Panels/Workshops [ ]
Entering the Costume Contest [ ]
Phone: _______________________________ Beginner's Guide to Conventions [ ]
Placing an ad in the Program Book [ ]
E-mail: ______________________________ Contributing to the Charity Auction [ ]

I volunteer for:_______________________________________________________________

Gallifrey '97: Gallifrey One Across the Eighth Dimension
The West Coast's Eighth Annual DOCTOR WHO & SF Media Convention
February 14-16, 1997
Best Western Airtel Plaza Hotel, Van Nuys, CA (just north of Los Angeles)

Confirmed guests: Philip Segal, Anneke Wills, John Levene, Eric Hoffman, Larry Stewart.
Guests invited from UK and US Doctor Who, Babylon 5, Star Trek, etc. Will announce Guest of Honor soon.

Fixed functions include Dealers' Room (already sold out), Art Show, video room, panels & autograph sessions, hospitality suite, filking.

Events include Saturday Cabaret, two game shows, presentations on new Doctor Who, costume competition, Guest of Honor barbeque, charity auction (charity TBA), Valentines' Day Dance, ice cream social, trivia competition, Friday reception and much more!

Co-sponsored by Gallifrey Conventions and the Time Meddlers of Los Angeles. For info, email to or, or write to Gallifrey Conventions, P.O. Box 3021, N. Hollywood CA 91609. Or call (818) 752-9656.

Science Fiction Convention

The Angel Hotel, Cardiff, Wales, UK

Friday 10, Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 July 1998

Full Adult Registration 30.00 pounds
Full Child Registration 15.00 pounds
Supporting Membership 5.00 pounds

INFINITY, Swn y Nant, 12 Stuart Street, Treherbert,
Treorchy, Wales, UK, CF42 5PR

For more information visit our Wide Wide Web Site


Anthony Daniels - C-3PO, Star Wars Trilogy
Dave Prowse - Darth Vader, Star Was Trilogy
Colin Baker - Doctor Who, The Stranger
Ed Bishop - UFO, Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons
Dr Jack Cohen - Scientific Advisor to Terry Pratchett & Anne McCaffrey
David Banks - Cyberleader in Doctor Who, Dr Who New Adventures Author
M J Simpson - News Editor for SFX Magazine

All profits from the convention are to be donated to local charities

*All invited guests appear subject to work commitments*

End of FAQ part 6

FAQ Part 7 of 7 Main Index 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Newsgroups: rec.arts.drwho
Subject: FAQ Part 7 of 7 - How to bring back Doctor Who
From: (Siobahn Morgan)
Date: 1 Jun 96 10:28:25 -0500

FAQ Part 7: How to contact FOX, BBC and others

Updated June 1, 1996

Includes Snail-mail, e-mail, telephone, and FAX addresses of various organizations involved with the recent Doctor Who Movie. If you have any corrections or additions items that you think should be included here - please send them my way
Siobahn (Shabang) Morgan


Eventhough FOX did not put Doctor Who on their Fall lineup, there is still hope (Hey, there WAS a movie made, wasn't there - it ain't dead yet!). You may now want to encourage FOX to have the Doctor as a mid-season replacement, or perhaps encourage the producers of the film (BBC and Universal) to produce it for syndication.

Since this was a multi-national project, then it would be good if there were multi-national letters sent - so the BBC addresses are also included (doesn't make a lot of sense for someone in the UK to write to FOX....). Perhaps you might want to wait to send your letters to the BBC *after* they show the film - though some words of thanks before the showing can't hurt.

While e-mail messages may be easy to send, they are also easy to delete. If you are really interested in getting Doctor Who on the air, you should send a written letter via Snail-mail - they are much more difficult to ignore than e-mail messages!

General rules of writing to networks - be polite, concise, and check your spelling (unlike what I do). Ranting, screaming, writing in all caps, etc., tend to be ignored and tossed in the circular file cabinet. Don't make demands, threats or other nasty comments - try to be as nice as possible in encouraging these folks to put Doctor Who on the schedule.


(thanks to William Taylor, and many others for this info)
FOX Addresses:

FOX Broadcasting Company
PO Box 900
Beverly Hills CA 90213-900

Viewer comment hotline (310) 369-3066 (weekdays only)
FAX (310) 369-1433

They also have a general comment e-mail address:

You can also reach their internet address by accessing

BBC Addresses:

Dr. John Thomas, Managing Director
Ms. Juliet Grim, Director of Co-productions
BBC Worldwide Television
80 Wood Lane
London W12 OTT
Tel:0181 743 5588/0181 576 2000

Viewer and Listener Information
Villiers House
The Broadway
W5 2PA
Tel: 0181 743 8000

Various e-mail addresses include: (viewer and listener correspondence) (Points of view - viewer feedback)
You may also want to send letters to various executives, and others
involved in the project with a word of thanks and possible encouragement
for more. These include:

Trevor Walton/Tom Burke
Movies for TV, FOX Network
10201 W. Pico Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90035

Tom Thayer
President Universal Television
Building 500
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City CA 91608
FAX: (818) 733-1591

Philip Segal (
To get information on the Doctor Who Petition -

End of FAQ Part 7

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